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Braj's water crisis: Each person needs 150 litres of water daily

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water-supply-tank.jpgVrindavan, 2018.06.15

The municipality is unable to supply enough water for the population of Vrindavan. Each person needs between 100-180 litres of water per day including drinking water, bathing etc, and many people undergo extreme hardship in order to get this amount of water.

The municipality supplies 9 MLD, but Vrindavan’s population of 125,000 requires at least 13.5 MLD, so many people have to struggle to get water. Many houses in Vrindavan do not have running water. In villages such as Dorera village, which is in between Mathura and Vrindavan, the situation is even worse as only a few houses have their own hand pump or a boring to supply running water.

The Municipality’s failure to supply enough water means that people are forced to spend big money on getting their own boring drilled, and it often happens that the money is wasted because the groundwater is not fit for drinking, even after filtration, because it is too saline.

Even in areas where government water is supplied, in some places, such as Chaitanya Vihar phase II, the water is so salty that it is not good for watering plants. An overhead water tank was built in the colony but then was never used. Ten years after the development of the colony, the tank is still empty. The cement has become weakened and the tank is now unfit for use but it has not been demolished, and instead lies empty, a memorial to bad planning.

Yogendra Sharma from the Water Department said that the four overhead tanks at Mukherjee Park, Attala Chungi, Gandhi Park and Kalidah are supplying most parts of the city.

The 4 MLD water shortage is made worse by broken pipelines, which leak up to 80,000 litres of water per day. The system of only supplying water for a few hours per day also leads to water wastage as people rely on storing water in tanks in their homes and these storage tanks can easily overflow.

As the water crisis looms, a few individuals and organizations are making efforts to conserve water and implement rain water harvesting systems. Local leaders media agencies are also working to raise awareness about the importance of green areas and kunds for replenishing the underground aquifers.

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