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Sudden death of thousands of fish in Krishna Kund

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Residents looking at the fish in Krishna KundNandagaon, 2018.06.16

On Friday morning, locals rushed to Krishna Kund as word spread about thousands of dead and stunned fish floating in the Kund. Many expressed their sadness and anger over the incident. Chairman Pati Baccu Singh said that dead fish have been appearing in the kund for several days.

As yet, the reason for the fish deaths is unknown, but, locals suspect that fish smugglers are putting poisonous substances in the water to extract the fish. Some locals are adamant that the colour of the water has changed in the last few days and say that dead fish have also been found in other kunds in Nandagaon.

Another theory about the cause of the fish deaths is that sewage leaking into the kund has poisoned the water. According to the Assistant Director of the Fisheries Department, Dr Mahesh Chauhan, the reason for the fish deaths is likely to be the reduced water level in the kund, compounded by the dirtiness of the water.

The silt from the bottom of the kund was not removed before summer. The silt buildup at the bottom of the kund decreases the available oxygen in the water, which is already decreased due to the heat and low water levels. The fisheries department official said that water samples from the kund have been taken for testing.

Nandagaon is famous for its kunds but, many of these are either extinct or fighting for existence. After extensive renovations two years ago, Krishna Kund became the pride of Nandgaon. The kund is much loved by residents who say that it was made in Dwarpa Yuga by the descendants of Shri Krishna.

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