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The revolution in understanding who we belong to

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Paramahamsa VishwanandaThe turning point in our life is to understand and realise that WE BELONG TO THE EXISTENCE, LIFE, GOD, GIRIDHARI, SATGURU and not to society.

We contribute to the society with our unique gifts, talents, abilities and above all, the love we share freely, as we know that the source of Love is inside us and actually we are that LOVE.

To claim we belong to God and Satguru, life and existence, is to claim our true nature. It is freeing ourselves from the slavery of our own psychology imposed by society. Basically society is an expression of collective unconsciouness, deeper unconsciousness and stronger ego, which distances us from our true Self, our core, truth and God. The spiritual family is an oasis where we can drink fresh water from the source. The Satguru's presence and Love makes sure that this well water is not possible to exhaust, and He strengthens our connection with our core and source of all life.

To belong is not some psychological phenomenon, there is much more in this. To have the feeling of belonging and to claim that we belong to someone or something is expanding our spirit, love, intimacy, life. It is important to know where one belongs, and to whom. It is not about property, it is about the strong and deep experience of LOVE.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
21 June 2018

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