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Steps Taken to Contain Miscreant Pandas in Nandgaon

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blog-0760379001415972942.jpgNandgaon, 2014.11.13 (VT): It may soon be a thing of past for pilgrims and visitors to be harassed by Pandas in Nandagaon. Steps are being taken to maintain the sanctity of Krishna’s childhood home.

The temple authorities have decided to look for a mechanism by which the visitors will leave the temple after having had a pleasant experience. There have been frequent reports of so-called pandas extorting pilgrims in guise of seeking donation. After showing the temple, they explain to the visitors how the temple provides for upkeep of widows, orphans, cows, etc. But these contributions are not used for any such pious purpose.

This harassment causes devotees to have an unpleasant experience at Nandgaon and brings defamation the holy town of Braj is being defamed on account of the acts of a few miscreants, the sevaits of the temple have placed a total ban on such aggressive begging. They have asked the District Magistrate for support in applying the rule.

It has become commonplace for visitors to experience misbehavior from these pandas, who won’t accept no for an answer. Visitors are not let alone until they donate for the upkeep of the cows, serving the brahmins, feeding the poor and the widows, etc. Of course, whatever they get is spent for the beggars’ personal use.

According to directions received from the government, the then District Magistrate B. Chandrakala organized a meeting with the sevaits and the management of the temple. After this meeting the sevaits from Nand Baba Mandir’s Rama Dyoraja Thok made some rules for the temple. It was decided whoever breaks the rules will be fined with Rupees twenty-one thousand and legal action will be initiated against them.

A delegation from the Nanda Baba temple met the present District Magistrate on Tuesday. They complained that some miscreants are trying to disturb the newly made system. Lists of a dozen names of the miscreants were presented to the District Magistrate. The DM promised full support to the delegation to maintain the rule of the temple.

Bal Krishna Goswami, Nand Kishore Goswami, Gokulesh Goswami, Purushottam Goswami were among the Goswamis who met the District Magistrate.

These rules were constituted by the committee:

  • General visitors will have darshan from the outer chamber (Jagmohan) of the temple.
  • Special people or the VIPs will be allowed to have darshan from the inner Jagmohan.
  • No donations of any kind will be sought on the temple premises.
  • A complete ban is imposed on begging and soliciting for guided tour by pandas.
  • Special attention will be given for the comforts of the visitors.
  • Other areas to be worked on are cleanliness, an official shoe room, undisturbed electricity and drinking water facility.

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