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Samadhis demolished despite protests amidst heavy police presence

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Samadhis demolishedGovardhan, 2018.04.07

Dozens of samadhis have been demolished in the midst of protests by locals. A heavy police presence accompanied Forestry Department Officials and machinery operators who cleared the shrines within minutes.

The samadhis were cleared from the Jatipur area of Govardhan to make way for the forest reserve. The Forestry Department previously attained permission to remove the samadhis but did not immediately carry out the work. On Tuesday, officials took the help of police to clear the area.

In the face of the heavy police presence, locals were powerless and many have been left with a feeling that their religious sentiments have been disregarded.

In a recent ruling of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in relation to the enforcement of the No Construction zone around Govardhan, the Tribunal ruled that there is no need to remove the temporary constructions that sadhus make to carry out their bhajan and penance at the foot of Shri Govardhan. The samadhis of these babas, however, were not spared.

Govardhan resident Shri Gopal Sharma said, “The samadhis were part of the landscape of Shri Govardhan. People would do pranam on seeing these monuments to great devotees. The samadhis inspired reverence and had historical significance. They should not have been removed.”

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