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Demand to replace the water in Manasi Ganga before Mudiya Mela

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14_15.jpg← Pollution in Manasi Ganga

Govardhan, 2018.07.05 (VT):  Local activists are demanding that the water in Manasi Ganga be drained and refilled with clean water before Mudiya Mela (23rd to 27th July).

Extra arrangements for bathing are also being requested to be made as the fountains below Mukut Mukharvind temple at Manasi Ganga will be inadequate to provide for the millions of devotees to take snan in this most holy kund during Mudiya Mela.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has requested information about the sewer lines in Govardhan and efforts are underway to ensure that no polluted water goes into Manasi Ganga but the long term solution will not take effect before the upcoming Mudiya festival.

The quality of water in Manasi Ganga has been a cause of concern for many years and previous attempts have been made to clean the water, however, despite significant expenditure, the water quality has not improved.

Eight years ago, High Court Justice Girdhar Malviya visited Govardhan and was disgusted to see sewage water going into Manasi Ganga. He ordered that the water be taken out and replaced with clean water.

In accordance with the order, the ‘Prevention of Pollution and Revival of Mansi Ganga scheme‘ worth Rs230 million was approved by the Central and State Governments. Under the scheme, a sewerage treatment plant was built in Govardhan and an aeration system was installed in Manasi Ganga to stop the water from becoming stagnant.

After the initial work, the responsibility for ongoing maintenance was handed over to the Municipality. The water quality has again deteriorated.

Hariom Sharma, convenor of the Govardhan Vikas Manch, has demanded that clean water be supplied to Manasi Ganga before the Mudiya Purnima Mela.


Manasi Ganga after draining in 2010

Stormwater drains across Braj are now being cleaned to avoid a re-occurrence of the flooding that damaged property and caused inconvenience to thousands of people at the end of last month.

Efforts are being made to improve roads, but, many roads in Govardhan are in bad condition. Many roads roads were dug up to lay sewer lines in the middle and then were not properly repaired. The work of fixing Govardhan’s roads is unlikely to be completed before the Mela. Many new roads are also waiting to be built, including the ring road and link roads that will divert traffic away from Govardhan Parikrama Marg. Arrangements for parking on the outskirts of town are expected to be finalized this week.


Giriraj Charan Shila at Radha Damodar temple

The busiest day in Govardhan and Vrindavan will be 27th July, which is celebrated as both Guru Purnima and Sanatan Goswami‘s disappearance day. Performing Govardhan Parikrama on this day is particularly auspicious for devotees who aspire to follow in the footsteps of Shri Sanatan Goswami.

Sanatan Goswami went on Govardhan Parikrama almost every day, even after he reached an advanced age. His devotion was so intense that he insisted on doing the full Parikrama every day. When he was too old to do Govardhan Parikrama, Shri Krishna appeared personally and handed him the Govardhan Shila that is now in Radha Damodar temple. Parikrama of this special Shila, which has Shri Krishna’s footprint embedded on it, gives the same benefit as performing the entire Govardhan parikrama.

It is said that after Shri Sanatan Goswami left his body, hundreds of Brijwasis shaved their heads and did Govardhan parikrama in his honour. From this time on, in Braj, Guru Purnima is celebrated as Mudiya Mela.

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