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Monkey terror grips Vrindavan, the latest victim is a peacock

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36919077_202482573937252_4900306665372385280_n.jpg← Forest Department Officials checking the dead peahen

Vrindavan, 2018.07.11

A spate of monkey attacks in Vrindavan has become a cause of concern not only for residents, but for birds and animals too. Everyone is living in fear, particularly children and senior citizens. Several people in Vrindavan, have died due to monkey attacks and almost everyone has been bitten at some stage.

On Wednesday, a pack of monkeys attacked a peahen at the Lata Bhavan ashram, situated at Tehari Wali Bagichi near Atalla Chungi. People residing at the ashram rescued the severely injured pehen, which succumbed to the injuries after some time.

The Forest Department was immediately informed, but the peahen died before they could reach the spot.
The ashram is owned by Baba Shri Hit Kinkar Sevak Sharan ji, who is known as the father of the environmental movement in Vrindavan. Many of Vrindavan’s activists aspire to follow in his footsteps.

Baba’s love for nature, trees, birds, mongoose, squirrel and other species is well known among the natives of Vrindavan. Every day, grains are spread on a large surface of the garden. Peacocks, parrots and other birds visit the garden in search of food.


Monkeys waiting to eat the grains and attack birds

Talking to ‘Vrindavan Today’, Shri Gunakar, a close associate of Baba Sevak Sharan said, “Peacocks visit our garden often in search of food. We spread the grain for the birds everyday. In Vrindavan Peacocks are even more vulnerable to monkey attacks than humans. Monkeys ransack the entire garden. They don’t allow the new trees to grow.”

“When we saw the peacock being held by the pack of monkeys, we ran to rescue it from them. The monkeys had already ripped off its feathers and bit it in many places. We immediately informed the Forest department for help. But the peahen died before the help could reach it,” added Shri Gunakar.

It should be noted that peacocks are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act.



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