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Radha Kund claims the life of a tourist

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Radha-kunda, 2018.07.19

A young man who came to Braj to do Govardhan Parikrama with his family, has left his body in Shri Radha Kund. The youth, 21 year old Akash from Dhaulpur Rajasthan, was taking snan in Radha Kund when he slipped and got submerged in the kund. Radha Kund police called divers to remove the body, which was sent for post-mortem.

The incident happened on Wednesday at Midday. The day before this tragic incident, DM Sarvagyaram Mishraissued the orders the Public Works Department about what should be done to beautify the area for the upcoming Mudiya Mela.

A similar incident occurred in 2017, although in that case, locals saw the man struggling and pulled him out but the man became unconscious and no one with first aid training was present to revive him.

Drowning incidents are common in Braj as many people who take snan are unable to swim. The absence of lifeguards even at popular bathing spots also increases the danger.

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