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Longing for God - A New Message from Paramahamsa Vishwananda

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37740284_1686882471437890_7275609736827895808_n.jpgLonging for God

On the Bhakti path we often hear this term. And it is connected with a heart filled with love. This is either a technical explanation or we can also say it in a poetic way; it’s a metaphor.

If we look inside and observe what it is really, not only metaphorically or technically, than we will see that it is emptiness. Deep emptiness. Because nothing except God can fill this.

This is the first stage of longing.

Longing is God’s calling us and we are calling Him. And when only what is left in our minds are thoughts and thinking about Him, in this way seeing Him all the time, then the second stage of longing manifests.

The first stage comes out of the emptiness of the mind, the mind that is filled with desires, the mind that always runs towards the outside, and which is never satisfied even after the fulfillment of desires.

The second stage comes out of fullness, the mind that always dwells in God, the one-pointed mind, the Divine mind in which only one desire exists and that is to eternally serve the Lord. Such a mind is full of God and devoid of any worldly desires. And that is why in the second stage of longing, one feels this fullness because one's mind is filled with Him.

There is also a third stage of longing, and it is fully entering into the Divine Mystery.

Who hears this inner call? Those who do shouldn’t hesitate, but should respond to it without thinking.

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
25 July 2018

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