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Devotees told to pay registration fees before distributing Prasad

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Newsgroundtv.in_-1024x768.jpgGovardhan, 2018.07.27

During this year’s Mudiya Mela, police have been demanding that all stalls for prasad and water distribution be registered. Even those distributing Prasad free of cost must pay a Rs3000 deposit, which will be refunded only if the area is found to be clean after the distribution.

Those who wish to distribute water are being asked to pay a Rs1500 registration fee. Plastic cups are now banned in the area, so those who serve devotees by providing water on the Parkrama path mostly poor the water onto people’s hands.

Bijendra Singh of Hatras said that he has been organizing a feast in Govardhan every year for the fast five years and has never taken permission, but, this year, police came demanded that he get registration.

Govardhan Sub District Magistrate, Nagendra Kumar, said that the rule of registering distributions is not new. The rule was also in place last year and Rs5000 was demanded as a deposit, this has been reduced to Rs3000. The SDM said that the deposit will be refunded if the area is cleaned after the distribution.

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