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Crowds gather at Gopeshwar for first Monday of Sawan

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Gopeshwar MahadeVrindavan, 2018.07.31

Crowds gathered in Gopeshwar Mahadev temple from the early morning of Monday to give offerings to Gopeshwara. According to Braj legend, after the Maharas, Shri Krishna paid respects to Lord Shiva and Radha Rani gave him the blessing to appear in Braj in gopi form in eternally.

In Vrindavan many devotees worship Lord Shiva in the gopi form that he got by bathing in Mansarovar. Only gopis were allowed into the Maharas, but, Lord Shiva was not about to let this stop him. In order to enter the place where the Rasa Lila was happening, Lord Shiva became a Braj gopi. Of the 330 million demigods, only Lord Shiva and Narad Muni got a gopi form, perhaps because both are constantly chanting the names of the Lord and accept even the most humble service.

Every evening, the Shiv Ling at Gopeshwar Mahadev temple puts on gopi sringar, so, devotees wanting to offer milk and water to the ling form must go to the temple in the morning. On Monday morning, there was a big crowd of devotees wanting to give their offerings and there are likely to be similar crowds on the three remaining Mondays in Sawan.

Sawan is a special month for Shiva, Paravati and Ganesh. Worshiping them, especially during this month, brings benefits to family life.



Devotees giving offerings at Gopeshwar Mahadev temple


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