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The floodwaters in Braj have started receding but there is still a chance of further rain on Saturday and Sunday

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Braj, 2018.08.03

The floodwaters in Braj have started receding but there is still a chance of further rain on Saturday and Sunday. The worst effected have fled their homes or are living on the second story without power and everyone in Braj is feeling the effects of the flooding.


Those already living in poor conditions are among the worst affected by the floods

Farmers in low lying areas and on the banks of the Yamuna between Delhi and Mathura have lost their vegetable crops or are unable to reach them so vegetables are being brought in from other states. Mohamed Habib, Chairman of the Fruit and Vegetable Market Association said that prices have increased considerably due to the rising Yamuna water level. The effect has been showing for the last 10-15 days and prices are likely to stay high in the coming days.

The rising Yamuna levels caused crowds of locals to gather at Keshi Ghat to see the river return to the ghats so many years after she was forcibly diverted by the government’s Riverfront Development Project. Boatmen made a good profit taking people out from the ghat, but now authorities have banned boats from taking passengers until the flooding subsides.


The Yamuna at Keshi Ghat on Thursday, Vrindavan Dham

In Mathura, 500 houses on the banks of the Yamuna flooded. On Wednesday, DM Sarvgyaram Mishra and other officials visited flood victims.

Mathura residents have also been having problems with water supply after the Gokul Barrage was shut down. The water purification machinery at the barrage became jammed with the soil that is being carried along with the floodwaters. Authorities say that the plant is unlikely to restart operation before 8th August.

By Thursday, 1500 houses were without power as the  electricity department cut off the electricity in flooded areas to avoid the risk of electrocution.


Volunteers from the Roti Bank distributing food packets

Thursday also saw a sewer line at Atala Chungi exploding and sewage pouring out onto the road. Locals said that hours after the notification was made, no official from the municipal administration had come to see the situation.

Some relief for flood victims was organized by the Roti Bank which delivered 350 food packets in Mathura’s Jaisinghpura Bangar on Thursday.

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