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Words can confuse the mind but not the heart || A New Message from Paramahamsa Vishwananda

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'Words can confuse the mind but not the heart, as it is in the heart where the fire of longing burns. The heart doesn’t need words and it can never be satisfied with anything other than Love and unity. All the stories, whatever they are about, are just for the mind. The only good thing about it is the realisation we can drop it and stay open, in order to feel His Love.

'Lover' is the beginning of a Love journey, but the end is 'Worshipper'. The difference is that the Lover will do all in one's power to express one's Love to the Beloved, but one becomes the Worshiper after tasting the Love of the Beloved. And it means starting to recognise that the Beloved is always present. Strange, so many words and still so difficult to express the essence. I guess it is so because Love is so immense that it cannot fit into words. To show that faith which binds Lord Narayan eternally, keep your mind away from everything else except Him. Dharma cannot mean thinking that the dharma of this world is more important than Him.

The difference between Love and all others is that Love is inside and all others are outside. As Love can be only for the sake of Love, all else will belittle the Love. If we love to reach Him and due to the power of Love we find ourselves standing before Him, then what? The goal is reached but the Love is contaminated by this ambition of reaching Him.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
04 August 2018


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