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Confusion over Hariyali Teej dates

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hariyali.jpg← Radha Vallabh Ji on Haryali Teej

Vrindavan, 2018.08.12

The Teej tithi falling across two dates has created confusion among devotees and the possibility that some will miss out on the Hariyali darshan of their beloved Thakur. Some temples are celebrating Hariyali Teej on the 13th, while others are celebrating on 14th.

The festival will be celebrated in Radharaman temple starting on the evening of Monday 13th , but, at Banke Bihari temple the darshan of Thakurji amongst greenery will start from the morning of the 14th. Due to a Supreme Court ruling, doe to excessive crowds in the evenings, Banke Bihari’s management has been told to put up flower bangalows earlier so that devotees can have this spectacular darshan in the mornings also.

According to tradition, on Hariyali Teej, Bihariji can be seen sitting on His silver swing when the temple opens in the evening at 5pm, however, this year, management is considering bringing out the swing in the morning also. In the evening, the temple will open at 4pm and will remain open until midnight. Assistant manager, Umesh Saraswat, said that the final decision about Hariyali Teej darshan timings will be made at a meeting on the 13thAugust.

Visitors to Radha Vallabha and Radharaman temples will enjoy special songs about Thakurji’s swing pastime, which will continue until Raksha Bandhan on 26th August.

Authorities have informed that Vrindavan roads will be closed to visitor vehicles from the 13th and will stay closed until after the Independence Day celebrations on the 15th. The efforts to reduce the traffic congestion will include 80 checkpoints where visitor cars will be redirected by 800 police personnel. E –Rickshaws and tempos will also be stopped, so people will have to walk from the carparks into town.

Yesterday also, there were huge crowds in Vrindavan’s temples for Hariyali Amavasya, the tithi that marks the date of the last flower bangalows of the season.


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