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Lila of Vipralambha

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blog-0074494001416091482.jpg30.10.2014 Yesterday Gurudev showed us his special "Lila of Vipralambha" (he was in conditions to left body, can't do his sadhana and badjan feeling pain in body). Full day was in bad under doctor controls. We crying praying for his recovery. When he waked up for few minutes he asked, 'Can we go to Govardhan parikrama?' We answered, 'Yes!' But doctor did not allow.

In dream conditions he chant Hare Krishna mantra. He always was absorbed in his sadhana to please Radharani! This morning suddenly we saw that he again from early morning 2 am following his strong sadhana in Kirtan, japa, Radha-kunda parikrama with kirtan, visiting all temples during the mangala-arati time. Then puja in Radha-Vinod temple, now kirtan in Nityananda byatak. All this he was doing with more power today, soo enthusiastic. On the parikrama way he was preaching to his beloved Radha-kunda residents.

How wonderful are the lilas of prema-bhakta, our beloved Guruji!

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