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Why Barsana residents go to Nandagaon for Janmasthami

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nandgaon-main-temple-krishna.jpg← Deities in Nanda Baba temple

Braj, 2018.08.31

Janmasthami in Nandagaon and Barsana is one of the festivals that celebrates the connection between the two towns. Even before

the birth of Shri Krishna, Brahmins from Barsana will begin arriving in Nanda Mahal to receive the congratulatory offerings.

The connection between the two towns remains strong to this day and there is a tradition of women from Barsana marrying men from Nandagaon. The connection between the hometowns of Shri Krishna and Shri Radha is also celebrated at Holi time. The tradition of men from Nandagaon attempting to enter Barsana only to be hit with sticks by Brijwasi women led to the now world-famous Lathmar Holi.

nandgaon-2.jpg← The hilltop Nanda Baba temple

On 3rd September, Barsana Brahmins will make their way to Nandagaon. Each will receive a half-kilo box of sweets. Nanda Baba Temple’s Deepak Goswami said that materials are being collected and preparations are underway to make the laddus.

In the evening of Janmasthami, artists will present bhajans from 8pm. From 10pm the dadhi dandhin lila performance will depict the pastimes of Radha-Krishna.

At 12 midnight, there will be an abhishek, but the Janmasthami abhishek in this temple is done behind a curtain. After the abhishek, darshan will open for devotees.

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