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Photo - Once a monk was praying and talking to God

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Once a monk was praying and talking to God.

He prayed at first but then his prayer became more intense and more personal. In one moment he said to God: 'You know what? I’m more stubborn than You!

The joy of reading of that story is that it so sweet, because God actually enjoys His relationship with His children, devotees, lovers, creation. I somehow think that, seeing one's eagerness, sincerity, persistence stubbornness, and of course the longing and readiness to live and die for Him, He is charmed with all that and He really wants that to reveal Himself. That kind of stubbornness is sweet as it is positively used and with so much love; somehow it really inspires all.

The relationship with Giridhari Krishna is of another dimension, universe and world. Even inside our inner space, we can feel that our consciousness is in a different space and our body starts to harmonise and synchronise.

One more thing is to see and know about one's limitations. As it is said that the spectrum of seeing with human eyes is so little, actually, compared to the spectrum itself, we are actually blind. You can't see the ultrared or ultraviolet spectrum of colours, which also means vibrations, and this is such a big reminder since one actually does not have the memory of the human physiology because one is so deeply identified with it.

The fact that one cannot see is an awakening call, especially if one is on the spiritual path. Just understanding those facts, and keeping that in mind, would be enough to be more humble. And that means one would be less a 'psychological' being and more an 'aware' being. When there is more awareness, then one can feel the deeper longing of the soul and the inner voice and His call. This can inspire one in such a way that one's heart wants to be the best for Giridhari. The fact of being so blind is, on one hand, terrifying but it is also a kind of fuel to long more for His Love and Him. Longing not only to see Him, but to see and feel Him, and be a bit crazy for Him. This common trait of craziness is not pathological, but is the marriage between logical and magical.

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
01 September 2018

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