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Nandotsav at Gokul Dham, the center of love for Baby Krishna

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nandotsav_1_3357151_835x547-m-1.jpg← Nandotsav crowds in Gokul temple

Gokul, 2018.09.04

This morning, on the auspicious occasion of Nandotsav, devotees flocked to Gokul, the place where Nandotsav was first celebrated.

In a feat requiring supernatural intervention, on a rainy night, Vasudeva walked 12 kms (7.5 miles) from Kamsa’s jail in Mathura to Gokul with baby Krishna during and then back to Mathura with Baby Durga.

While Devaki and Vasudeva quietly relished the darshan they had of both baby Krishna and Lord Vishnu, at Nanadababa’s home in Gokul, there were joyous celebrations. By the time Krishna’s naming ceremony came around, there was reason to be cautious, as King Kamsa had sent out his soldiers to kill baby Krishna, but, at the time of Krishna’s appearance, in Gokul, there was only joy.

Last month Shri Krishna swings on a jhula with Radha Rani in the forests of Vrindavan, but, today in Gokul, there was darshan of a different jhula – baby Krishna’s cradle.

The usually sleepy village of Gokul is bustling today as devotees say heartfelt congratulations to each other -we all share the benefits of the most joyous event to have ever happened in this world.

A special preparation made for baby Krishna on Nandotsav. The mixture of curd, turmeric and misri was distributed to devotees in Gokul this morning. Temple sevayat Mathura Das Pujari said that during this festival all are absorbed in love for baby Krishna.

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