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The Chandrodaya Temple Goes Against the Spirit of Braj

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blog-0374314001416175995.jpgBy Raghav Mittal

The Hon’ble President of India has given his consent to lay the foundation stone of an obnoxious skyscraper christened as Vrindavan Chandrodaya Temple, which is being promoted by a group of misdirected and misguided group in the name of accentuating the cultural and spiritual heritage of Braj Bhoomi – the land of Sri Krishna.

This is to bring to the kind notice of His Excellency that such a dominant structure would be an antithesis to the very genesis of Braj Culture and Heritage, something entirely against the teachings and life of the Six Goswamis who along with Lord Chaitanya resurrected the Braj Bhoomi in the medieval ages.

The construction of this mega-structure in the capital of Braj Bhoomi would be the biggest disservice to the holy land as it would bring to completion the entire cycle of destruction and dilapidation of the land of Krishna.

The President should rather take a look at the real splendor of Braj Bhoomi which lies in its kunds, groves, hills and the River Yamuna. The President may consider visiting the Brahma Kund, duly restored and resurrected by The Braj Foundation under the leadership of its crusading chairperson Mr. Vineet Narain.

The President can consider visiting the holy Jai Kund, just a little while away from the entry port to the holy city of Vrindavan, right on the national highway, which is being restored and resurrected in the village Jait.

The President should not lend the sanction of his high office to controversial projects like the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Temple and its promoters, who are sheer outsiders from the land of Braj and are hell bent on monopolizing its widely scattered cultural and spiritual heritage spread across 700 odd villages by constructing a spiritual mall.

The construction of this temple would desecrate the holy land of Braj in a big way which doesn’t have any social, cultural and spiritual sanction. This is to appeal to His Excellency to refrain from lending his sanction to a project of such nature.

About author:


Raghav Mittalji, formerly of the Braj Foundation, is an environmental activist. The opinions expressed here are his alone and do not necessarily represent those of the BVHA

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