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1008 Laddus for Shri Ganesh who blesses all of our auspicious activities

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Mota Ganesh, Vrindavan← Mota Ganesh, Vrindavan

Braj, 2018.09.14 (VT): Shri Ganesh is worshiped before any other Thakurji and blesses us with removing obstacles in our everyday life and devotional life. To honour Shri Ganesh, programs were held across Braj yesterday.

Every Thakurji has specific lovable qualities and Ganesh ji is known for being a lover of good food, especially Laddus. There was a rush on ‘boondi laddu’ yesterday as, all over Braj and India, people rushed to the markets to purchase laddus Ganesh pooja.

At the Ganesh temple near Narasimha Bagicha in Mathura, 1008 Laddus were offered. And, after eating so many laddus, Ganesh is bound to become robust. So, across India and in Vrindavan, one of the most loved Ganesh Deities is the form of ‘Mote Ganesh’.

In the Athakhamba area of Vrindavan’s main Bazaar,  in the lane known as ‘Mota Ganesh wala line’, crowds of Brajwasis made their way through the crowds to make offerings to Mota Ganesh.

And, while some schools and colleges had the day off, others conducted pooja and cultural programs in honour of Shri Ganesh. At Saraswati Vidyalaya, the students worshiped Shri Ganesh, then enjoyed the laddu Prasad. The principal narrated Ganesh ji katha. At Gyanadeep Akash Bharti, principal Preeti Bhatia reminded students that at the start of every auspicious work, Ganesh pooja should be conducted. At KDS International School, students performed traditional songs and dances for their classmates. Group chairman, Advocate Mahendra Pratap Singh, lit the lamp near the Deity of Shri Ganesh ji.

Shri Ganesh Samiti organized a function at Shreeji Peeth in which Shri Ganesh ji’s Panchamrita Mahabhishek was performed. Crowds flocked to Katyayani Devi temple for darshan of Siddha Ganesh ji with whom many miracles are associated. This amazing deity traveled from Jaipur to England to Calcutta and finally to Vrindavan. (Read full story here).

Ganesh pooja is usually carried out in the morning and many choose to stay indoors in the evening as seeing the moon on this night is thought to be inauspicious. Legend has it that Chandra Ma laughed at Ganesh ji so Ganesh ji cursed Chandra Ma to lose His shine. Ganeshji later relented and said that the moon would lose and regain his shine every month. On this evening, the moon is only a thin strip and it is thought that anyone who looks at the moon will be falsely accused of some wrongdoing. Such is the strength of this curse that it even affected Shri Krishna who was accused of stealing the Syamantaka Mani.

In order to ward of the inauspiciousness, many householders read the ‘Syamantaka Path’ during the evening. Even common wisdom holds that ‘history is destined to be repeated by those who forget its lessons’, so, remembering this katha helps remind us to stay cautious and humble.


Mota Ganesh temple, Vrindavan


Boondi laddu

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