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Human beings normally and naturally want to be happy

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'Being on this spiritual track, one's drive of life is normal and surrounded by similar people, but the contrast makes one see something. Human beings normally and naturally want to be happy, joyful, satisfied, yes… but the most important is the drive of the longing to unite and serve God. After one starts seeing that what this body and mind offers as pleasure is not enough, naturally one turns to search for something more. It is then that life opens some other doors and horizons. But why do humans feel tempted on the spiritual path? That is due to their past connection to the life they were living before being truly on the path itself, which was basically a path of discipline not of renunciation. The ego needs renunciation, the mind needs discipline and all that the heart and soul need is LOVE.

But what is the difference? Whatever the ego and mind need is some kind of stimulation in order to be able to enjoy something and that brings excitement of the senses and mind. But in that way, one loses inner stability, calmness, focus and then goes on one more crazy drive. On the other hand, Real Love is a cool fire. Instead of exciting, it raises one higher. One is light, one expands, and goes deeper, staying in contact with inner stability and calmness. But at the beginning of a spiritual journey, one is not yet accustomed to this light flow, although it is powerful. One still seeks excitement inside of spirituality, because one still depends on one's mind and ego as a driver to be used. That is why, although one gets the best cake and adds some spices into it, the taste is still not changed.

Singing bhajans and chanting the Divine Name is not excitement but ecstatic experience; it is not just about the mind, but also about energy and a personal vibration definitely deeper than any kind of stimulation. That is why it has the power to catch one's attention. That is how God starts to seduce us.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
16 September 2018


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