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Archeologists are people who study the past of humanity

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‘Archeologists are people who study the past of humanity and there are many censures in this field. But even the little we know, it is enough to understand that on this planet there have been many, many more civilizations that were destroyed. 

On the other hand, India is the only country (that I know of, but very possible it is) in which there is a continuity of civilization which is recorded in documents and scriptures which dates, not thousands of years ago, but many more. 

Archeologists can represent a group of scientists, and all spirituality, which is the strongest and the most prominent trait of India in the world, can represent religion. 
But the thing is, until they are separate, the truth is unknown in the sense of education.

When one doesn’t have a healthy base, what can grow from it? Now the question is, what is this healthy base? It is uncorrupted Consciousness. Once I said this in a Satsang: 
'Have the longing to see the Lord face to face and imagine it happening in your mind. Let your mind awake in longing for the Lord.'
This is the way to un-corrupt the consciousness or to free it. 

The first part is about the tool and the second part is about methodology: longing and imagination. The second sentence is about the direct result. And that should be finished and it is meeting with God, experiencing his Grace, Love and Reality going beyond limitations and ‘invisible membrane’.

But why does one not apply this and, of course, not have darshan with the living God? The first reason is lack of understanding, faith, belief and depth. The second reason is because one must be truly alive in the inner sense, as only the living can see living reality.

One more thing: until now, spiritual knowledge has been just 'quoting' and not a subject that is understood in a holistic way, which means seeing from the beginning to the end and having the clarity about why, how, and when. 

Why did spiritual knowledge become just quoting and commenting?

Because there are two levels of learning or studying: the first is mental understanding and the second is a deeper understanding or understanding in the heart. These two approaches are not complementary but are against each other in common human cognition. That creates a split inside, so how can one realise the higher reality whose very base is unity?

There are laws in this universe and there are also possibilities and probabilities in this universe. All is happening at the same time and place. It is not just Jyanna Yoga or just Bhakti Yoga or just another yoga. It is all yogas at the same time; it is just that one is more dominant at that particular moment. 

Now, where do you put the focus? On the purification and the healing of inner recognition, since this longterm disorder of recognition has consequences. God and eternal truth are the greatest healers, medicines, purifications and achievements of life. That is why at the beginning, the same focus is always advised, and on the way, if one is persistent, disciplined and sincere, the healing will happen. But the problem with all this is that it is either unknown or forgotten why, how and when. That is how one more reality is created in human mind. But that is life’s process: a combination of laws and possibilities. 

Now what is in the focus of one's interest? It is having a live darshan. Not only the one in which He sees me but also I see Him. Not imagining Him (although it is good approach and helpful) but seeing Him. And not seeing Him once and having a transcendental memory, but seeing Him constantly, free from any kind of corruption.’

– Paramahamsa Vishwananda
19 September 2018

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