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Babaji’s cottage demolished without warning

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Babaji’s cottage demolished without warningGovardhan, 2018.09.20

Religious books and paraphernalia were mixed with rubble yesterday as Kishan Das Baba’s cottage was demolished by bulldozer. The JCB machine stopped before reaching the Govardhan shila that is worshiped at the ashram.

The incident took place at Pt. Gaya Prasad Samadhi Sthal located on the Parikrama Marg at Aanyor. Baba said that he was not even given time to remove his belongings from the room and accused the administration of harassing saints. Baba said that if the bulldozer had touched the Giriraj Shila, it would have been even worse, so he is grateful that the bulldozer stopped just before the Shila.

After several rounds of demolitions, Govardhan’s saints are now slowly starting to unite in protest. Several dozen ashrams, goshalas, samadhis, and sadhu’s huts have already been demolished.

Forestry Officer DP Singh said that the belongs to the Forestry Department and, one month ago, instructions were given to the ashram to demolish the building themselves, however,  Kishan Das Baba said that the matter is currently before the District court, with the hearing scheduled for 25th of this month.

The JCB machine was operating under the instruction of Forestry Department SDO Prashant Pandey and Tehsildar Ajay Singh. With the support of the National Green Tribunal, the Forestry Department is taking action to reclaim Forestry Department land at the foothills of Govardhan.

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