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Perfect harmony is not just in hearing but in transmission and openness

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'Perfect harmony is not just in hearing but in transmission and openness. That is why it is in a way a dance:

One partner leads, suggesting the step and the other follows, surrendering. If this is in perfect balance, then, although two bodies, they move like one.

One of the most important things is Bhakti. Bhakti is a path of God’s lovers, which is basically for those who like to be alone. And here, to be alone means to be with God. Saying 'like to be alone' means being filled with Him in many ways but only a contrast can make the picture even more clear, and that's what happens in a real bhakta's life.

Bhakti is the path, Bhakti is the goal, Bhakti is the way. But Bhakti has something which makes it a rare, very rare diamond. To make it clear, one has to make a contrast inside, so that what one wants to say can also be seen, not only heard.

It is said, life is a journey. Life is a school and we are here to learn and experience. Bhakti is very closely related to life as the journey and the school but still there is a difference. What is this difference? When we are a disciple of life we can learn so many things, from quantum physics to deep introspection and perfecting ourselves in many ways or in many fields.

But Bhakti is not some specific learning concerning the outer world, and that is why Bhakti is specific and unique. No matter how much we can learn from this world or in this world, Bhakti stands only for one thing: TO LOVE, JUST LOVE. Only one subject, only one instruction, only one goal and aim.

To learn from the world, one needs a mind, but to learn from Bhakti (about Bhakti) one only needs an intense longing to love, to love always a little more, and to love God and long for Him so intensely that even He cannot resist and must come and take us with Him.

When we want to be disciples of Love, when we want to love more and more, we enter into the special world of Bhakti.

It is not a learning about transforming the mind; it is a long journey. The soul longs for an eternal journey of Love and loving God, for having this loving relationship with Him, and that is why it is the transformation of the heart into more love and deeper loving. That is Bhakti. That is coming back home.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
25 September 2018


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