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How is the domination of the limited mind and the false ego over the soul Consciousness possible?

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'How is the domination of the limited mind and the false ego over the soul Consciousness possible?

Because we are not aware. The limited mind and false ego stand for unconsciousness. The Consciousness of the soul is the Light. When the Light is on, there is no darkness. And darkness stands for ignorance; ignorance stands for the limited mind and false ego and they stand for unconsciousness.

Just recently I came across a statement from someone who said that we cannot surrender our ego as it is a lie, it doesn’t exist. All that is possible is to bring more awareness. If we are unconscious, we cannot surrender the ego and if we are aware, there is nothing to surrender.

It is interesting: now there are many ways to bring more awareness into our inner space. Most of this is either connected with studying the scriptures or Jyaana Yoga or learning from life.

But there is one more way to learn and that is through devotion and Love!

Why is Bhakti such a glorious path?

It is direct. It is not that other paths are not direct, but there is a difference still, as far as I can understand. First, Love is the only reality; all else is just an illusion. So all learnings are a kind of mind modifications and that is right, but not the final step as, at the end, the mind has to unite with the heart. Learning through Love is not just being emotional and loving the way we humans know as love. It means more love will bring more awareness and more awareness will bring more Love. It is the process of awakening the Consciousness through Love and devotion, since only a fully conscious being can truly Love.

Second, Love means relationship, and it is not just any relationship. It is the relationship between the soul and God. And again, here to really learn something, and to learn that what is the worth of learning truly, is loving and surrendering to God. And for this process one doesn’t need to be a big Jyaana yogi, but to have an open heart. One is simply elevated by the nine forms of Bhakti and all forms are connected with the glories of the Lord, and are the ways to connect, develop and deepen our relationship with Him. In loving, even through human experience, we know that there is no mind but only joy and lightness in which everything seems possible and that there are no limits. Actually the mind is full of the Beloved. How much more, then, is all this with God? Not only that one is awakened in Consciousness but even more, the eternal Love is awakened. And eternal Love is possible only in relationship with someone who is eternal and that is God. And this Love is much more. It is the bliss of the soul.

This is the glory of the Bhakti path: simple, yet direct. On this path one always learns but it is another type of knowledge, as it is not the same as knowledge for the mind and mind modifications. Knowledge for the mind has to unlearn in one moment. But Bhakti knowledge is always deepening the same: Love. It is always about loving more.

Besides, Krishna in the Gita explains many ways to reach Him but He Himself glorified the Bhakti way. Actually, whatever He said to Arjuna was due to His Love and only for Love. All else is secondary.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
02 October 2018

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