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On the bhakti path, we cannot 'do' bhakti

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'On the bhakti path, we cannot 'do' bhakti. The same with Love; we cannot 'do' Love. We can only surrender, and be fully involved in the present moment and in the remembrance of the Lord, and things happen on their own. In one moment, one can have an insight, but one cannot do it. That is Bhakti: one can experience it, but not do it. It is Love that will take us, will reach us, and not the other way around. That is the reason why we on the Bhakti path are talking about building the relationship with God: on the bhakti path, all depends on the ‘building’. Building the relationship, the energy, and that is why we sing and dance. It is building the energy and if we are in kirtan with our full heart and full involvement, that is all we can do. The rest He does. After kirtan, a special blessing is the remembrance of these moments and longing for it. In truth, Bhakti is the way of dancing with Love.

We on the Bhakti path do not educate our minds with big, big philosophical thoughts, or complex knowledge about the nature of the universe and the like. We know that the common mind of man is very childish. We, in a way, entertain the mind and distract it from negative towards positive, away from the world and towards God, from stupidity towards the Holy Names. It is better that we entertain the mind than to leave the mind to entertain itself with harmful ideas, and in that way harm ourselves.

Due to this methodology, we may look crazy, childish, and unrealistic. Of course, it looks like that to those minds that are in that same way conditioned, ignorant, and limited, but if we really and sincerely look into our minds, we will be able to see this simple truth: that the mind IS childish. The ignorant mind, limited and conditioned mind is childish. With love and patience, we distract our minds from staying ignorant, from being limited and conditioned. Discipline is hard for children, but playfulness and creativity can do wonders.

We are not this body nor the mind, or a bundle of various borrowed thoughts from society. We are much more: a Spirit that is playful, a soul that dances and sings ‘her’ way back to God. We should see this truth about the human mind, and not take the mind so seriously, but lightly, and with the attitude of love, understanding, and playfulness, surrender this mind, drop it and fill ourselves with the vibrations of God's Names, the Guru's Name and sing, sing, sing, and dance and dance and dance.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
05 October 2018

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