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The 84 pillars at Nanadaba’s birthplace

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imageproxy.jpgGokul, 17.10.2018

On a small hill at old Gokul is a temple that holds a place in many hearts, known as Chaurasi Khambe temple, this historical temple is popular with locals and visitors alike. The temple is situated at the place where Nanda Baba was born and the place of the house where Shri Krishna spent His first months.

The temple not only has 84 pillars, each pillar has a different design. Sevaiyat Goswami Mor Mukut Parashar said that the temple was built by Vishwakarma himself. The temple is also believed to have special grace from Shri Krishna because the attempts of Mughul ruler Babul to demolish it failed over and over again.

The temple has extensive grounds and there is one tree that is said to be 1000 years old. People tie threads around the ancient tree with a particular wish in mind. It is said that when the wish is granted, the thread opens of its own accord.

Gokul is around 30 kms from Mathura and is home to many of the places of Shri Krishna’s babyhood lilas, including the place where baby Krishna killed Putna and baby Krishna’s playground.



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