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Video - Conversation wint Roshi Bernie Glassman

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"That first time I was in Auschwitz (on a Bearing Witness Retreat with Zen Peacemakers), I had my harmonium with me because I had been singing in Europe, so I took it into the women’s barracks and I thought, “I will do some Devi Puja here. I will sing to the Goddess, the perfect woman who embodies all the women.” So I got in there and I put up the harmonium, I was just about to sing and I thought to myself, “Well…” First of all, it was so full. I don’t think I’ve ever sang to more people than the beings I felt in that barracks, empty barracks. I don’t have these kinds of experiences, but I just felt it, so I asked them, 'What should I sing to you?'..."
- Krishna Das

Watch the full conversation below from 2015 with KD's dear friend, Roshi Bernie Glassman, who left his body last Sunday. It's full of honest, raw personal experiences from Zen Peacemakers' Bearing Witness Retreats. Includes a rare video of KD chanting in Birkenau.

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