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Keshav Das Babaji becomes the 36th Mahant of Das Goswami Gaddi

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imageproxy.jpgVrindavan, 22.11.2018

The Saints and Mahant of Vraja anointed Shri Keshav Das Babaji as the new Mahant of Shri Radha Kund. Amidst the Vedic rituals, the Radha naam chants, and Akhand Harinam Sankirtan, in the presence of hundreds of saints the anointing ceremony was accomplished.

After the demise of Shri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaj, Shri Shyam Sundar Das Babaji was appointed as the interim Mahant of Shri Raghunath Das Goswami Gaddi (seat). In a meeting on Wednesday, Shri Vishwambhar Das proposed the name of Shri Keshav Das Babaji for the post of new Mahant. Then Babaji was unanimously elected as the 36th Mahant of the 500 years old prestigious ‘seat’ of Shri Raghunath Das Goswami, who was one among the ‘Six Goswamis’ of Vrindavan.

Interim mahant Shri Shyam Sundar das adorned the first ‘chadar’ on Keshav Das to anoint him as the new mahant. He was followed by the other mahants to adorn Keshav Das with the shawls and garlands.

Around three hundred bhajan kutirs and ashrams in Braj are operated under the supervision and guidance of this ‘Gaddi’. Several philanthropic activities and seva projects including food distribution, Sanskrit schools, and dispensaries are run under the aegis of this ‘Gaddi’. The maintenance of the holy tanks of Shri Radha Kund and Shri Shyam Kund are performed by this Gaddi, which owns the property rights over it.

Talking to ‘Vrindavan Today’, Shri Keshav Das Babaji said, “This gaddi has been serving the sadhus and needy people for 500 years. We have been giving shelter, support and protection to the babajis and sadhus who come to Vraja renouncing the material life for devotion . We shall continue to do so and enhance our efforts so that more people engage themselves in practicing devotional life.”

Vishwambhar Das, Ashok Goswami, Sanatan Das, Shyam Sundar Das, Loknath Das, Banamali Das, Vaishnav Das, Subal Das, Bihari Baba, Nitai Das, Radha Krishna Das, Hari Gopal Das and many other saints and Vaishnavas were present during the occasion.

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