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Dauji’s 438th appearance day celebrated in Baldeo; Lakkhi Mela begins

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baldev-dauji-temple-img4-300x273.jpg← Dauji temple, Baldao

Vrindavan, 23.12.2018

Brajraj Dauji Maharaj’s 438th appearance day was celebrated on Agahan Poornima (December 22) in Baldeo.

The day began with learned Brahmins chanting Balbhadra Sahasrasnaam (1000 names of Lord Balbhadra) amidst the enchanting sound of the Shehnai horn

After a ‘Panchamrita’ and saffron abhishek (bathing ceremony), Dauji was offered a warm blanket as part of the ritual that signals the onset of the extreme winter.

According to temple priest, Ramnivas Sharma, the quilt offered to Dauji and his Divine Consort Revati is made using a 75-metre-long cloth and 12 Kgs of cotton. Dauji’s Poshak requires 56 metres of warm fabric.

The Deities were offered special Kheer (rice pudding) in the afternoon and warm milk with nuts at night.

The day also marked the commencement of the month-long Agahan Poornima Mela, popularly known as the ‘Lakkhi Mela’. The fair was inaugurated by UP Power Minister Shrikant Sharma. MLA Pooran Prakash was the other chief guest.

Dauji (elder brother of Lord Krishna and the King of Braj) and Mata Revati (daughter of King Kakudmi) appeared on Margashirsha Poornima of Samvat 1638 (1583 as per the Gregorian calendar). The murti (statues) were consecrated by Shrimad Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhu’s grandson, Goswami Gokulnath and were first worshiped in a small hut.

The temple was constructed a year later, with Dauji’s responsibilities being handed over to Goswami Kalyan Dev and his descendants.

According to archaeologists, the Dauji murti dates back to Kushan Period and is the most ancient in Braj. The seven-headed serpent, ‘Sheshnaag’ can be seen above His head.


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