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Fatal incident: Pack of monkeys attacks woman on roof

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monkey-attack-2.jpgMathura, 23.12.2018

On Tuesday, Yamuna Devi (42), wife of Raju Goswami, was on the roof of her house when she was attacked by a pack of monkeys. Many houses have rooftop toilets and, many women are forced to hang clothes on the roof despite the danger (to person and property) from monkeys.

In the areas where monkeys have learnt to attack in packs, residents and visitors alike are terrorized by the violent primates, some of which are ready to sink their teeth into whoever they come across.

Yamuna Devi’s family are not lamenting that if something had been done about the monkey problem, Devi might still be alive.

When the monkeys attacked her on the roof of her house, Devi shouted and tried to fight them,  but they did not stop their attack and she fell to the ground, sustaining serious head injuries.

Her family took her took her to a small hospital and spend over an hour going from one hospital to another. Unsatisfied with the treatment in the small hospitals, they eventually decided to go to Nayati hospital in Mathura, however Devi was pronounced dead on arrival.

2040291_orig-300x169.jpgMany residents feel frustrated that despite their complaints about dangerous packs of monkeys, nothing is being done to remove the large male monkeys, who are not afraid of humans and are fond of attacking woman and children for food or any items that they imagine might be traded for food.

While hundreds of minor incidents occur every day, that result in losses of thousands of rupees of property and hospital treatment for wounds, serious incidents also occur frequently. In another report this week, an 18 year old girl sustained serious head injuries after she chased some monkeys who had taken her lunch box onto the roof. She suddenly found herself being attacked by a pack of monkeys and in the ensuing struggle, she fell from the roof.

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