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Lord Krishna enjoys ‘Mithi Khichri’ in Nanda Bhawan

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nand-bhavan-nand-gaon8.jpgVrindavan, 31.12.2018

With the onset of the month of Paush (of the Hindu calendar), Goswamis of Nandgaon’s Nanda Bhawan are taking extra care to protect Lord Krishna and his family from the cold weather.

‘Mithi Khichri’ (a sweet preparation of rice and lentils) made with generous amounts of saffron, ‘Kasturi’ and nuts, is being served to the lord. A brazier has been lit to keep the Lordships warm.

Thakurji has been wearing warm clothes and having saffron and kasturi ‘Paan Beeda’ (betel leaf and betel nut mouth freshener) since the beginning of ‘Agahan Maas’. He enjoys warm and delicious saffron milk along with the entire family before going to sleep in a cozy blanket.

Hand stuffed cotton shawls, ‘bagalbandhi’ shirts and ‘fargul’ (a type of coat) are used for the deity’s ‘shringar’ (decoration). He also gets a daily massage with warm, perfumed essential oils. The services will continue till the arrival of ‘Basant Ritu’ (Indian spring).

Similar rituals are being followed in all temples of Braj. The lordships are enjoying Khichri along with other winter delicacies and services.

Nanda Bhawan is located atop Nandhiswar Hill in Nandgaon. Nandgaon is considered as one of the sub-forests or Upvans of Vrindavan. Nand Raeji’s father, Parjanya, lived here along with his entire clan, but later he moved to Gokul because of the terror of the horse-demon Keshi.

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