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Rs. 1.5 crore facelift for Bhandira Van

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imageproxy.jpgVrindavan, 06.01.2019.01.06

Braj Tirtha Vikas Parishad (BTVP) and the State Tourism Development Corporation have jointly undertaken a renovation and beautification drive worth Rs. 1.5 crore at Bhandira Van which is celebrated as one of the 12 main forests of Braj.

Encroachments on the way to the main temple (from Chanhari to Bhandirvan) were removed at the orders of SDM, Dr. Rajendra Pensiya. Action was taken against those who failed to comply within 24 hours.

Provisions for visitors’ convenience such as resting points, toilets and proper roads leading to Vamsi Vat are being constructed at the site.

According to the temple priest, Ramanlal Sharma, restoration work will also be undertaken at Bhandira Koop – the ancient well mentioned in Puranic legends.

BTVP vice-president Shailja Kant Misra and CEO Nagendra Pratap surveyed the area and instructed officials to maintain the ancient look and feel, even as the place is given a facelift.

According to the Padma Puran, there are twelve forests in Mathura-Mandal, namely, Bhadra-, Śrī-, Lauha-, Bhandira-, Mahā-, Tāla-, Khadira-, Bahulā-, Kumuda-, Kāmya-, Madhu- and Vṛndā-vana.

Bhandira Van also finds mention in Brahma Vaivarta Puran, Garga Samhita, and Gita Govind.

Situated on the way to Mant village from Mathura, it is home to many ‘leela sthalis’ of Sri Krishna such as Bhandira Vat, Venu Koop, Raas Sthali, Vamsi Vat, MallaKrida Sthan, ShriDama Vat and Shyam Talaiya.



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