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Krishna Das baba leaves Braj and loses his qualification to live in the Dham

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Braj, 06.01.2019

Krishna Das baba’s Samadhi is in Ranvadi, a village 3 miles SW of Chhata. Baba’s disappearance day at his Samadhi in Ranvadi was celebrated on 5th January.

Born and raised in Bengal, as soon as he heard talk of preparations for his marriage, he left home and began walking towards Braj. One hundred and fifty years ago, Braj was mostly jungle. Baba lived simply in his small hut.

Since he had come to Braj at a young age, Baba never had the opportunity to travel much. The desire to visit the four main Dhams arose in his heart but Radha Rani appeared to Baba in a dream and told him that the most favourable thing for him to do would be to say in Braj and do bhajan.

Baba passed off the instruction to stay in Braj as a doubt arising from his own mind. He decided to fulfill his desire to travel anyway.

184460_548660588480445_1223552886_n-300x278.jpg← Tapta Mudra

Baba reached Dwaraka where he received a Tapta Mudra (branding with auspicious symbols), which is a practice mentioned in the Vedas but is not part of Braj Sadhana.

As soon as he received the symbols, Baba began to feel separation from Braj. He decided to return, but Radharani again appeared to him in a dream. Radharani told Baba that since he has joined the group of Dwaraka devotees, he should go to Dwaraka, not Braj.

This time, Baba realized that the dream was not just the workings of his imagination. He obeyed the order, but later decided to go and visit his friend, another baba called Krishna Das, who lived in Govardhan.

Krishna Das of Govardhan was pleased to see his friend and asked where he had been. When Ranvadi Krishna Das told him what happened. His friend from Govardhan said, 'Well then, now you have become a servant of Maharasheshwari (Satyabama Devi, one of Krishna’s wives).'

Ranvadi Krishna Das was stumped. He did pranam to his friend and went back to his hut, where he gave up all food and water. He held an image of Radha Rani to his heart and remained sitting in one place for three months.

Suddenly, the heat of his penance burst out of his body and his skin started burning. Jagannath Das and his disciple Bihari Das were passing by and saw that Krishna Das’ skin was burning. The hut was shut up tight, so they broke in.

Passers by gathered around. Jagannath Das asked for some cotton balls. He placed three wicks on Krishna Das’ forehead. Then, the fire suddenly spread and Krishna Das was no more.

All glories to Krishna Das, who realized the glories of  living in Braj Dham as Radha Rani’s servant.

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