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Shrila Vishwananda Swami

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About anger || A New Message from Paramahamsa Vishwananda

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1. Is there a difference between anger and the angry state?

2. Why is the rush of energy is so powerful when we are angry versus when we are depressed or sad?

3. It is said that anger is destructive but isn’t that the case with any negative emotion because all negative emotions destroy our peacefulness and joy of living?

Let’s look at the scale of anger: from a child's anger to divine anger. In between is the different human state of anger. When anger is so bad and negative, how do we understand, then, the divine expressions, such as Narasimhadev, Maha Kali, Mahakal, Parashuram, Hanuman and a brahmin’s anger. Do they expect something from demons when they appeared to be so angry? Or are they motivated by Love and a sense of balance when they come to help and protect their devotees along with the whole universe?

Child anger: it is a sign of forming the ego line between oneself and others. When normal and mostly good and right-inclined people get angry, it is due to the fact that some lines have been crossed. Physiologically, anger is happening inside as the hormonal rush of adrenalin, and we know from medical science that it is due to protection. Either one is going to fight or to run away to protect oneself.

Anger and expectations: this is not so unclear and it is something that happens often.

Anger and fear: this also pretty much common because if fear predominates, then Love cannot be an outcome. It is either anger or frustration or depression.

Anger and the angry state: anger as just a here-and-there reaction versus an angry state. The angry state can be expressed or suppressed. There are people who often let their anger out because they somehow figure it out it is a nice way to control their surroundings. And also there are people who suppress anger and who eventually get sick. They couldn’t, due to various reasons, let go of their anger so they destroy themselves thanks to ignorance of what the hell is happening. I am angry but it is not allowed, then why am I angry?

Anger as the last signal of hope in conversation: because anger in conversations happens when two people are so far away from each other and themselves that they need to shout in order to hear each other.

Anger and a warrior nature: has anyone ever heard about the happy and relaxed army gathering on the battlefield?

And finally, there is anger as in cutting the relations and relationship.

Spiritual solutions on anger are regarding the fact that obviously it is about a certain mind state and as anything else with anger is the same, we should overcome it, transcend it. So the first step is to observe the anger and the angry state.

The moment we observe our minds and whatever is happening there, we have already done our first step of distancing ourselves from personal and life’s drama. It may give us the insight that all our human emotions are nothing but reaction to life, whether they positive or negative.

But, for sure, observing and witnessing is the solution. It makes us detach ourselves and the moment we do it, the energy is not so destructive anymore. But still it is harmful as we do not have full control of it.

It seems that we should do two things regarding anger. The first is to prevent it. And for that we have many tips. The second, is to understand it, especially on an energy level and to learn to control it and not to allow it to be destructive.

But what about the situations when anger is suppressed and acts from within as something else? How are we to deal with that and heal that or balance that?

If we are attacked by people who cannot accept our choices, for example to be a devotee and to meditate and we tolerate their ignorance and negativity, but when they cross the line and want to destroy us, what then? Should we allow that [negativity], despite our self-preserving instinct and be what we are not (and that is Prahlad Maharaj) and allow demonic-like people to destroy us? Or a not so dramatic situation. Simply a situation when someone thinks he or she has the right to physically or mentally attack us.

Should we also smile despite our natural reaction and say 'Anger is not good, let me be destroyed by this idiot, because it is the Leela of God'?

Do you see, beloved, even if the topic has the purpose to be clarified, the concomitants of anger are there: irony and cynicism.

Maybe it is just about the quantity of anger? A little anger is acceptable and good and more than that is not good? A little anger means just showing the teeth, but not biting. This question is relevant for those in the process of overcoming the negativities of the mind.

So back to spiritual solutions: observing, witnessing, keeping the mind positive and focusing the mind on God’s Names.

Let us now look into the example of Prahlad Maharaj. What was his secret? Although his own father was so displeased with him and tried to kill him so many times, Prahlad still had compassion for him. Even when his father killed his mother, still he didn’t get angry. He was sad, but stayed firm in his decision to chant Lord Narayana’s Name. He didn’t allow himself to be caught up in the drama of life but dedicated himself fully to the Lord accepting everything and not stopping himself from being focused on and with his beloved Lord no matter what. We know the end. It was Lord Narasimhadev's appearance. And He was in the ugra state. He was so angry that none dared to approach Him. And now, after all that we heard about anger, God Himself is angry.

Of course there is Love behind it, but there is more than Love. God is God. He is the Lord and the Creator of the whole Creation. And yet the question on anger is not solved, it is sad. And it is dangerous too. As all who are in the process of perfecting themselves should have clarity on this topic.

So much abuse is happening due to lack of clarity on anger. So many manipulations. So much unnecessary destruction and broken relations and even relationships.

It is said that spiritual aspirants should purify their mind from all negativities because when certain consequences due to spiritual practice start happening, like certain powers, if one is negative, it is bound to be destructive. A good example is Hiranyakashipu. Demons are sometimes even more determined than spiritual aspirants like devotees in achieving spiritual progress, as in case of Ravana, for example. These negativities can be either a strong fuel or a simple and gentle release of energy that we are not able to deal with or control.

In an angry state, one's mind gets fully one-pointed, but it is red in colour. And red in nature is also a sign of warning. One’s mind should be one-pointed in devotion to God and to Him we approach with love and humbleness and not with anger. Sadness makes us naturally detached if we go through it without resistance. Because if there is resistance, then one will go into depression.'

—Paramahamsa Vishwananda
12 January 2019

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