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Video - Whatever attracts your mind, in that direction will be your birth

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Radhe Radhe!!
Yesterday one moment of Guruji Katha:

Isn't this difficult- to renounce this material world and go to the forest? So it is said, there is no need of going to the forest, stay at home and renounce the world from within your mind. Because if this mind does not renounce... why this process of birth again and death again? Whatever is your mentality, that will be your destiny. Whatever attracts your mind, in that direction will be your birth. One who has no desire in the mind doesn't have to take rebirth. (Female devotee asks: Baba, how to meditate all the time? I am unable to meditate.) Guruji replies: Maiyya (mother), as you presist with Sadhana, with Hari Naam, Prema will manifest itself in the heart. At that time, you will know shaiddo (ability), sadhana, and vastu (object). In one day it is not possible to extract ghee from milk. If somebody gives 1 kilo of milk and says convert this to ghee, is it possible to convert it into ghee in one day? No, it is not possible. Similarly for us is Hari Naam. Hari Naam is not different from Krishna himself. By repeatedly chanting Hari Naam, it is possible to understand that this Hari Naam has the bent form of Krishna inside it, just as a tree is present inside a seed. Krishna Himself is present inside Naam. Naam is nothing but Krishna. Chant with faith and you will know that within Naam is present Sri Hari himself. But we don't see, hear, don't experience the sweet taste. By repeatedly chanting one day this will happen. Sadhu, Shastra, Guru, everybody says this will happen. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna (kirtan).

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