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Nanda Baithak: where the decision was made to worship Shri Govardhan

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Krishna and Balarama on the Laps of Nanda Baba - Their FartherNandagaon is Krishna’s childhood village, where he lived until he was twelve years old. At every corner in Nandagaon, there are places associated with Krishna lila – Pawan Sarovar where Mother Yashoda used to bathe Krishna; Moti kund, where Krishna made pearls grow on trees to decorate his cows and tease the gopis who had refused to give him pearls, and, of course, Nanda Bhavan, the temple on top of the hill, which marks the site of the residence of Shri Krishna and His family.

Nandagaon was named after, the head of the village, Nandababa, and Nanda Baithak is the place where Nandababa held meetings with townsfolk. According to local legend, it was here that the young Krishna presented the case to worship Govardhan instead of Lord Indra.

It is also thought that Krishna and Balaram left to go to Mathura from this place. It was here that they boarded Akrurji’s chariot to attend the wrestling match in Mathura, which led to the liberation of Braj from the cruel reign of king Kamsa.

Nanda Baithak was uncovered only 90 years ago by Sant Haridas who had a vision of Krishna and Balaram sitting in Nandababa’s lap surrounded by townsfolk. From this vision, he understood that this must be the place where Nandababa held official meetings.

Sant Haridas painted the scene from his dream vision on the wall. The painting was destroyed, but it was replicated by a painter who had seen the original. Sant Haridasji passed away 50 years ago. His Samadhi and the replica painting of his vision is at Nanda Baithak.

There is also a kund here called Nanda Kund. Until a few decades ago, the water from this kund was used in the temple kitchen.

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