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Today morning Guruji's moments of katha

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Krishna Das Kaviraj Goswami wrote a big Granth (scripture) [[Sanatan Das' comment: He wrote Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita]]. He was not an ordinary man. He says, I hold a straw in my mouth. Who holds a straw in the mouth? Animals do. So, he is saying, "I am an animal. I am more sinful than Jagai and Madhai. Whoever hears my name incurs sin. Whoever takes my name, his piety decreases." Can anybody say like this? He was so great, still he projected himself as a low-grade person. These examples give us instructions about proper behaviour. It was to teach about these things that Mahaprabhu descended on earth in Kaliyuga with these people. He brought these people to deliver us. Mahaprabhu referred to us as unfortunate. But we are worse. We are Narakis, residents of hell. We don't reside in Braja, but in narak. The day we are able to really think like this, we will become 'trinad api sunichen'. Unless we are able to think of ourselves as low, our tamas (darkness) will not end. The cycle of birth and death will not end. 'Trinad api sunichen' means 'nobody is as low as me'. If you can think like this then you are a Vaishnava. One who is a Vaishnava offers dandavats to dogs, pigs, brahmins, and chandals alike. He offers everybody great respect. The day you are able to behave like this, that day you will become the servant of a Vaishnava. Das Anudas. You should not aspire to become a Vaishnava but should aspire to become the servant of a servant of a servant of a Vaishnava. Pride makes a person devoid of bhakti (devotion). In this world what kind of person is called lowly? The grades of people are 'Uttam' (highest), 'madhyam' (middle), and 'adham' (lowly). So who is adham (lowly)? A conceited person full of pride who does not have bhakti is called adham. He shows no respect to Guru or Vaishnava. He does not bow down his head in humility. Such an abhimaani, bhakti-heen person is called lowly. So, there are two kinds of persons in this world. One, because of whom people start discussing or criticizing his birth or caste. And another, because of whom his ancestors get delivered from the cycle of birth and death. His dynasty is honoured. But I am such a bad son (kuputra) that I am the cause of my family's downfall. I could not respect Mahaprabhu's teachings, could not make myself low enough.

Translation by Sanatan das ( Delhi)

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