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Video - Oh Lord, everything belongs to You. Then there will be no attachment

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Radhe Radhe! Few days ago Katha of Pran Krishna Das Babaji in the time of Bhagavat Saptaha by Nitai dasji in Radha Kunda.

That which I consider as my wealth - is my body. I considered as my wealth this body, son (putra), relatives (parijan). Mama Maya duratyaya [[Sanatan Das's comment: Lord Shri Krishna says this to Arjuna in Bhagwad Gita: My illusory energy (Maya) is insurmountable]]. The spirit soul, captivated and attracted by Maya, forgets Krishna and has no knowledge (information) about Him. So, out of His Mercy the Lord created Vedas and Puranas. We are unable to appreciate the greatness of this Veda-paath (recitation from Vedas), Purana-paath, that is taking place today. For a duration of two weeks this paath will continue at the same venue. That's why yesterday there was heavy rain. We thought we suffered loss when the pendaal (tent) became wet. But it was a small setback. It actually brought happiness to the entire country. Do we know how auspicious this was? Out of his mercy God gave this rain. The place where this Yagya (sacrifice - this Veda-paath) takes place, or will take place in the future, is great. O mind, you will not get this birth (opportunity) again. You may not get a human birth again. So complete your bhajan in this life itself. Cross this ocean of miseries in this life itself. Bhajan Hina, Pashubhi Samana. A person who does not perform bhajan is an animal. But if he performs bhajan, he is elevated. O mind, don't be so attracted by the Maya of this material world. What is this world? It is a mirage. Why? Because you see everything as belonging to you. Mine, mine, mine - this is Maya's mantra. But yours, yours (i.e. everything belongs to Krishna) is Krishna's mantra. Oh Lord, everything belongs to You. Then there will be no attachment.

Your births and deaths will continue as long as you have attachments in this world. One who has no attachment has no further birth or death. Why should we do sadhana and bhajan? So that we can distance ourselves from the world. Samsar means Maya (attachment), affection. This Maya is the cause of our rebirth. According to Shrimad Bhagavatam, in India, the great king Bharat who was a sage among kings (Rajrishi), thought of a deer at the time of his death and therefore had to take birth as a deer in his next life. So if we think of samsar, then we will become a part of this samsar. But if you think of Krishna, then you will obtain Krishna. Why do we spend our entire lives in thinking about Krishna, chanting Krishna naam, doing Krishna bhajan? So that we are able to do the same thing at the time of death also. Whatever is your state of mind at the time of death, that will be your destination as well. Whoever does bhajan throughout his life, is also able to do bhajan at the time of his death. For one who does not do bhajan at any time, how can he do bhajan at the time of his death? Therefore, do bhajan throughout your life. O mind, do bhajan, there is no time. Nobody knows when death will come- Ram Naam Satya hai - when our breath will stop. Once the breath stops, everything will stop. Therefore, for as long as you have life, have your body, use it in the service of God, do bhajan. What is sadhana and bhajan? Hari Naam, Hari Naam, Hari Naam Saar. Hari Naam is bhajan, Hari Naam is sadhana. It is not at all difficult. Even ONCE if this Naam is chanted without ANY offence, it can liberate the soul. But if there is aparaadh (offence)- a person commits violence, becomes jealous - then even if he does Shravan-Kirtan (hearing and chanting) for many births, he will still not get Prema (love of God), or Brajendra Nandan. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.
Translation by Sanatan dasji (Delhi, Noida)

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