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Video - Yesterday Guruji talk with disciples on Radha-kunda

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Where is the Jhula (bag of cloth)? The garment in which madhukari (food and eatables obtained by begging) is kept is called Jhuli. If a Baba goes out to collect madhukari but has no Jhuli to keep it in, then how will he take the madhukari with him? What kind of Baba is he? Radharani is ready to give roti (chapati, Indian bread). Where will the Baba keep the roti if he has no Jhuli? What will he do? So, if he has no Jhuli, how will he eat the roti?

Do you follow?

(The meaning is this:) When you say Radhe, Radhe, then Radharani gives her Kripa (Mercy). But if you have no Jhuli, then how will you keep her Kripa? What is the meaning of 'how to keep Kripa'? The meaning is this: Jhuli means Sadhu, Guru, Vaishnava. Following in their footsteps, what they say (instruct)- when you see presence of such nature (mentality) in a person, his Jhuli is visible. Sadhu, Guru prepare Jhula (Jhuli). So if you don't approach a Sadhu, how will you get a Jhula, and without a Jhula where will you keep your madhukari?

The essence is- O unfortunate one, Radha Rani, Guru, Vaishnava, Sadhu- everybody is ready to bestow their Kripa on you. Just like in worldly life, a father is ready to bestow Kripa on his son whether the son wants it or not. 'May my son live happily, have good fortune'. This is about any samsari (worldly) father and his son. So, think, how much more the Jagad-Pita (Father of the creation) Krishna loves us. Look around yourself at the light, breeze, feel the warmth of the Sun- how comforting it is. Who gives us all this comfort? Without fire nothing is possible. He (Krishna) has given us fire, air, water, etc- He has given us everything. There is no shortage of anything. A prince- the son of a king- never experiences any shortage. We too are princes. And we are not ordinary princes. Our father is the king of Dwarka, Krishna. We are His subjects. Can we have any shortage? No, there is no shortage of anything- but of bhajan. We don't listen to Him (Krishna), don't believe in Him, don't worship Him, yet He shows Kripa to us. He doesn't say that forget these people, I won't give them fire, air, etc. He gives to everyone. He gives to the soor (demigods), to the Sadhus, to non-devotees- to everybody.
(Guruji calls his disciples, tells them to do kirtan.)
Translation by Sanatan dasji (Delhi Noida)

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