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Video - Today talk with Vrajabasi disciples on Radha-kunda

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In Satya Yuga, Yagya (sacrifice) was performed by kings. It was not possible to perform by the praja (subjects). But in Kaliyuga it is performed by the poor. The rich are unable to do it. Why are the rich unable to perform Yagya? Because they are proud of their wealth. But the poor have no such pride or wealth. So they are the ones who are able to perform Yagya. What is Hari Naam Yagya? It can be of 7 days. For example, the Bhagwad Katha done by our disciple Nitai Das. The first seven days went by. It was extended by another 7 days. Why? Because such opportunities don't come readily. In this case, since an opportunity was available, it was extended by 7 days. It was an ashta prahar Yagya. When Hari Naam kirtan is performed whole day and whole night, it is called Ashta Prahar Yagya. Those who are unable to do it for 8 prahars, do it for 4. One day is equal to 4 prahars. One night is also equal to 4 prahars. So together, day and night make 8 prahars. Those who are unable to do it even for 4 prahars, they do it for 2 prahars. That is, Kirtan is performed for a duration of 2 prahars. This is also a Mahayagya. If two prahars is also difficult, then do it for one Prahar. Even then, Harinaam will be performed. Today, here we will perform Kirtan for one Prahar. It will take time to cook saag and roti. (Disciple says: until then we can perform kirtan. Guruji laughs:) No matter how long you perform Kiran, it is auspicious. Now I will quote from Shastra. The Shastras always speak the truth but we are unable to believe in it. We don't believe in the words of Shastra or Sadhu. We like to believe in the words of samsar (worldly talks). Shastra says that Sadhu, Guru, Vaishnav grab (forcibly take from a devotee) and eat- because of the devotee's previous birth's karma. Vaishnavs visit the house of a person who has performed pious activities in his previous birth, and grab food from him and eat. Why do they grab (forcibly take)? They don't grab and eat food from just anybody. They only grab and eat food from a devotee. The Lord says, 'I grab and eat food from my bhakta (devotee). But I do not even look at a non-bhakta's food.' Now the question is, if God grabs and eats my food, then will not my food decrease in quantity? I am able to see that it has decreased- but actually it does not decrease. Whatever God eats, whatever wealth is used in His service, or in the service of sadhus, comes back to the giver. Only fortunate people are able to offers their resources in this manner in the service of God. The resources of such persons don't decrease. God says, 'give me a little, I will return it to you a thousand times'.
Translation Sanatan dasji ( Delhi Noida)

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