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Radhe Radhe! Today morning Katha

Listen to this while you eat. In other yugas (ages), seekers of God went to the forest, did tapasya, and tried to attain God. Then they went to God. But in kali-yuga, God comes to you. Did not Mahaprabhu come? He did not come alone. He came with his associates because it was not possible for Him to deliver the fallen souls of kali-yuga alone. He came with Mahavishnu in the form of Sitanath, Balaram (Sankarshana) in the form of Nitai, etc. Nitai even got hurt. So also Haridas Thakur. He was Brahma. Just imagine, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar - they all came with Mahaprabhu to deliver the wretched souls of kali-yuga who are very much captivated by maya.

Now listen to what I have to say. When Mahaprabhu appeared on earth, he visited people's houses. Even though I am your Guru, I visit your houses. Do I not? I go to your house and call you. Somebody listens and comes, while somebody else does not come. Somebody is busy, going to toilet, going for a bath, etc. Whatever you decide, I cannot do anything about it.

Consider the example of a rich man approaching a poor man to ask for alms. He can ask for 5 paisa. That is nothing (a small amount) for the rich man. It will not buy him a car. I want to make a similar request to you. The rich man says to the poor man, you don't have sufficient means (ability to pay). So give me just 5 paisa. Similarly, I say you don't have sufficient ability- to do Kirtan. So give me 5 paisa. What is this 5 paisa? That is, perform at least half an hour of kirtan every day. (after this, Guruji explains his plan: his disciples need to devote half an hour daily night in the temple in the company of other householders and devotees (or disciples who do not participate in regular temple or preaching activities) who have offered to perform 3 hours of kirtan in vacant shifts daily (night 9 to 12, 12 to 3, 3 to 6, etc - until paid kirtaniyas arrive in the morning). Together, day and night, will thus make it Ashta Prahar Kirtan. He tells his disciples to be present in any of the night shifts, by turns- whether they participate in the Kirtan, or chant, or simply sit in front of God. Guruji is requesting only half hour's time from disciples because they also have their regular bhajan, kirtan, Parikrama, etc.)

Only bitter medicine can cure a disease. Sweetened medicine will not cure. Can the disciples who don't do much not sit in the temple in a 3 hour shift? It is possible to sit in the terrace for long hours. That is so enjoyable. Then what is the problem in sitting in front of God in the temple for 3 hours? What is the problem in doing kirtan? Oh, that is difficult to do. It is possible to spend the entire life in worldly talks but difficult to do Kirtan for 3 hours. We are the fallen souls of Kaliyug. We enjoy rubbish talk but have great difficulty in doing Hari Naam. Look at me. I am also a fallen soul of Kali Yuga. I need to sleep. Worldly talk is enjoyable, it drives away sleep, but Krishna Katha makes us drowsy.

(Guruji tells the grihastha Vaishnavas to leave. He further says:) grihastha (householder) vaishnavas are a lot more elevated than us. Mahaprabhu instructs us fallen souls to listen to the instructions of grihastha vaishnavas. Normally, we look down upon grihastha vaishnavas. We avoid eating food cooked by them. But Mahaprabhu used to eat food cooked by them in their houses. He even ate offerings made by women- but we don't. We look down upon them. So Mahaprabhu says, listen to the words of grihastha vaishnavas. They are like the petals of the Lotus flowers. They live in this material world and yet do bhajan. Therefore, the greatness of grihastha vaishnavas is much more. When Mahaprabhu descended on earth, most of the devotees around him were grihasthas. Very few were tyagiz (renunciants)- like Rupa, Sanatan, etc- hardly 4 or 5 people were tyagiz. Rest all were grihees (or grihasthas). They used to assemble in Srivas Angna. Srivas was also a grihee (householder). Grihees must not be looked down upon. If there were no grihees, then there would be no place for vaishnavas to take birth. A Vaishnava will be born in the house of a Vaishnava. And a crow will be born in the house of a crow. So, you have to respect and love a grihastha vaishnava.

(Finally, Guruji again reminds his disciples of his request to do kirtan during night shifts. A disciple says he has spoken to the new Baba and another foreigner who stays upstairs. If it is not possible to do anything, then at least do kirtan. Guruji says:) Tell them it is Radha rani's order. Requesting softly does not always help. Sometimes you have to speak sternly. This Baba being discussed used to perform excellent kirtan before coming to Radhakunda. Radha Rani's mercy has brought him here to the temple. Don't leave him in the middle. He has come here only because of Radha rani's desire.

Translation by Sanatan dasji (Delhi Noida)

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