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Photo - Katha by Shrila Pran Krishna das babaji, 15 January 2019

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51526315_2225830124296787_6030565328365289472_o.jpgRadhe! Radhe!
Katha by Pran Krishna Das Babaji

Everything you see in this family is because of our teaching. But now I am on my way out (Dakhinayan- referring to sunset of life). While for you it is Uttarayan (rising phase of life). Do you follow what I am saying? At this point, one needs to think. Why does Krishna play on his Flute? Which tune does He play? His is not an ordinary, physical Flute which a person plays on the lips. Krishna plays on His Flute using the Kaam Beej (Krishna Beej). What does it mean? The Lord calls us using this Kaam Beej (or Kaam Gayatri). He says, 'hearing this Flute, come to Me.' This is the meaning.

Even today His Flute is playing. Where is It playing? It plays through the 'Kling' of the Mantra that your Guru gives in your ears. That is, the 'Kling' of the Kaam Beej that your Guru gives you. Through this Flute, Krishna is calling to us. 'O human being, don't lose your way, don't go here and there. Come to Me.' However, we (the general mass of people) don't listen. But Guru and Vaishnava listen to Him. After hearing His call, they bring His Flute's message to us. With their help we can also listen to Krishna's message. Otherwise, how would we know?

Because Guru, Vaishnava, and Sadhu understand His Flute, they come to us and say, 'take this mantra from us and through It listen to Krishna's flute. Krishna Mantra, Kaam Beej or Kaam Gayatri- these Mantras come from Krishna's Flute. Chant (do japa) these Mantras and one day you will surely hear Krishna's Flute yourself. He is calling us by playing on His Flute.'

When a hunter goes to hunt in the jungle, he plays a flute (whistle) to attract the deer. Hearing the whistle, the deer go running toward him- and he kills them easily.

The instruction from this example is this: you can hear Krishna's Flute from your Guru's mouth. After hearing, practice Japa. Continue doing Japa and you will eventually feel drawn to Krishna. Then His Arrow will also strike you. What kind of arrow is it? It is the arrow of Prema. And what is the result of Prema? To understand this, consider the example of the Gopis.

The Gopis literally turned into skeletons because of their Prema of separation from Krishna. Just imagine how powerful is this 'Viraha' (separation). A person under the influence of Viraha has no care for own body. Prema squeezes everything out of such a person. The Gopis were thus not aware what they did under the influence of Prema. They even spoke to a bee. Does any sane person speak to a bee? A bee does not speak. So the Gopis asked questions to the bee and themselves provided the answers.

Now just imagine the state of feelings in Radha Rani. The Hare Krishna Mahamantra that we chant was originally spoken by Radha Rani. It was not the creation of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

(At this point, Guruji recites a Bengali poem that describes Radha Rani's feelings of separation from Krishna: She is Govinda Mohini. Feeling mad with separation, She sat in Kamana Kunj and said 'Hari, Hari' with undivided attention. Wherever She turned Her gaze, She could see only Hari- but He was not there. 'Oh Krishna, where have You gone? It is no longer possible for Me to stay alive without You. Come immediately or I will die.')

In her state of madness with separation from Krishna, Radha Rani devised a method of obtaining Krishna by means of chanting Harinaam.

Just like spirit souls are mad with Maya Prema in this material world, in the spiritual world the souls are mad with Prema. Outwardly they both look the same. Just as a drunkard has red eyes, a lover of God (premik) also has red eyes. A drunkard under the influence of alcohol has no care for his clothes, or state of undress if his clothes fall away. He is not even aware if he falls into a dirty ditch, nor does he feel the seasonal heat or cold. Later, when the sun rises... (breaks off)

(A devotee enters the room and greets 'Hare Krishna' to catch Guruji's attention.)
Translation by Sanatan dasji ( Delhi Noida)

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