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A person who serves God but does not serve Vaishnavas is not dear to God

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51499473_2229535667259566_5842695448724242432_n.jpgRadhe Radhe!

Pran Krishna Das Babaji's katha moment's:

A person who serves God but does not serve Vaishnavas is not dear to God. However, if a person does not serve God but serves vaishnavas, God is pleased. So, if you serve God but don't show respect to a Vaishnava, offer dandavats to him, then God says, 'I will not accept your service'. So, which is greater- service to God or service to Vaishnavas? Service to Vaishnavas. Guru is greater or God is greater? Guru is greater. God has said this, 'Pratham astu gurum pujya.' This is given in shastras. It means first of all offer pooja to guru. If anybody else had said this, then there would be no value. But God Himself has said this. He says, first worship Guru, then worship Me. He further says, whether or not you worship Me, do worship your Guru, and vaishnavas. Compared to Me, guru and vaishnavas are shrestha (superior).

So God has made Guru and vaishnavas superior. Why did He make them superior? Because you can speak to Vaishnavas, hear their speech, get an opportunity to interact with other devotees who visit them. Therefore God says, 'hear about Me from them'. From who else can we hear about God?

Therefore, God has made them greater. Is it possible to do bhajan without guru and vaishnava? If you don't know guru, vaishnava, and shastra, then how will you know how to offer pooja (service) to God? Therefore God says, 'First learn. But you can't learn from Me'. Then where will you learn? Can you directly approach God and learn from Him? So you have to approach somebody who speaks about God. You have to listen to his words and then learn. Sadhu, shastra, guru always advise that you should have devotion for guru.

Translation by Sanatan dasji ( Delhi Noida)

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