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SND 7: Raghunath Das Goswami glorifies those who worship Shri Radha

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Sva Niyama Dashakam, Verse 7:


ajāṇḍe rādheti sphurad-abhidhayā sikta-janayā-
nayā sākaṁ kṛṣṇaṁ bhajati ya iha prema-namitaḥ
paraṁ prakṣālyaitac-caraṇa-kamale taj jalam aho
mudā pītvā śaśvac chirasi ca vahāmi pratidinam


But if anyone in the world, bowed down with love, worships Shri Radha, Whose sweet name showers mankind, along with Krishna, aho! I will wash that person’s lotus feet and joyfully drink the water, carrying it on my head every day!

Stavāmṛta Kaṇā Vyākhyā: In the previous verse, Shri Raghunath Das firmly vowed that he would never go to the impure place where a person worships only Krishna, but disrespects Shri Radha. Now one may ask: “Sripāda! Then how will you behave towards those who do worship Krishna with Shri Radha?” In this verse he answers this question. The Yugalopāsakas (worshipers of Radha and Krishna) worship Krishna under the shelter of Shri Radha. Shri Radharani is the Prema-Lakṣmī, the presiding goddess of love of God. By being even slightly connected with her names, attributes and pastimes, a fortunate soul can become blessed with Prema. Therefore, can there be any doubt that a person who worships only Krishna while ignoring her is simply deceiving himself?

To corroborate this secret, Shri Raghunath begins this verse by saying: “All the people are sprinkled with the nectar of love simply by hearing the sweet name ‘Radha’. In the Brahma vaivarta purāṇa Shri Radha’s name is glorified as follows:


rā-śabdoccāraṇād eva sphīto bhavati mādhavaḥ
dhā-śabdoccārataḥ paścād dhāvaty eva sa-sambhramaḥ

“When someone just says Madhava blooms with joy, and as soon as someone (also) says dhā he carefully runs after the chanter!”

Nothing else other than love can attract Krishna. The name ‘Radha’ has such a sweet attractive power of love that when Krishna simply hears it he immediately becomes attracted to the chanter, even if that person is not involved in any spiritual life.

Because the holy name of Shri Radha is non-different from Shri Radha herself, all her love is fully present within her name. The loving power of this most nectarean name ‘Radha’ is known throughout the world. The holy name of Shri Radha is a wonderful siddha-mantra that awakens great prema rasa within the heart and is like a Mahā-vidyā (magic spell) that can attract Krishna.

This is exactly why Shri Suka Muni did not pronounce Shri Radha’s name while speaking Srimad Bhāgavata. If he had pronounced this holy name, which is permeated by prema-rasa in such a wonderful way, his pure heart, that is completely free from illusion, would have been so overwhelmed by ecstatic love that he would have entered into samādhi (transcendental trance) or he would have fallen into a swoon.

In that case Mahārāja Parīkṣit, who had only seven days left to live, would not have been able to hear the rest of Srimad Bhāgavata anymore. This is why Śuka Muni did not pronounce the names of Shri Radharani and other gopīs in Srimad Bhāgavata, although he repeatedly mentioned the names of Rukmiṇī, Satyabhāma and the other Queens of Krishna in Dwarka. [See Srila Sanatana Gosvami’s Brihad Bhagavatamrta 1.7.158]

Shri Raghunath Das says: “But if anyone in the world, heart bowed down with love, worships Shri Radha, whose sweet name showers mankind, along with Krishna, aho! I will wash that person’s lotus feet and joyfully drink the water, carrying it on my head every day!”

The adolescent Pair Radha-Krishna must be worshiped with a humble heart. Who has the humility of heart that makes them qualified to worship the Divine Pair? In the eighth chapter of the “Madhya-līlā” of Caitanya-caritāmṛta Shri Rāmānanda Rāya explains to Sriman Mahaprabhu that the love of Radha-Krishna is the highest goal of life, and when the Lord asks Rāmānanda about this worship Sri Rāma Rāya replies:


rādhā-kṛṣṇera līlā ei ati gūḍhatara; dāsya vātsalyādi nā hoy gocara
sabe eka sakhīgaṇera ihā adhikāra; sakhī hoite ei līlāra vistāra
sakhī vinu ei līlā puṣṭi nāhi hoy; sakhī līlā vistāriyā sakhīāsvādoy
sakhī vinu ei līlāya nāhi anyera gati; sakhībhāve tāre yei kore anugati
rādhā-kṛṣṇa kuñja-sevā sādhya sei pāya; sei sādhya pāite āra nāhiko upāya

The pastimes of Radha and Krishna are very confidential, and they cannot be perceived by devotees who love Krishna as servants or parents. Only the girlfriends (sakhīs) can enter into them. They can expand these pastimes, and without them these pastimes cannot be accomplished. The sakhīs extend these pastimes and make them relishable. Without the sakhīs these pastimes cannot take place, hence those who develop the mood of the sakhīs can attain the highest goal of life, Radha and Krishna’s kuñja-sevā. There’s no other way to reach this goal.”

The love of the gopīs is free from desire for personal sense-gratification and is thus completely pure, and they are more advanced in loving submissiveness than the devotees who love Krishna as servants or parents. The gopīs are divided into two groups: sambhogecchāmayī or nāyikā-bhāva, and tad-bhāvecchātmikā or sakhī-bhāva. There’s no comparison to the humility and submission (prema-namita-citta) of the girlfriends of Vraja-nāyikā-śiromaṇi premamayī Shri Radharani, and again the greatest of all prema-namita-citta sakhīs are Shri Radha’s maidservants.

Although Srila Raghunath Das Goswami is himself an eternally perfect Radha-kiṅkarī he firmly vows to always humbly drink the water that washed the feet of those fortunate rasika devotees who worship the Divine Couple in allegiance to the eternally perfect mañjarīs, loving Shri Radha more than Krishna (rādhā snehādhikā) and carry that foot-water on his head. The best way to attain prema is to serve the foot-water of such great, soft-hearted, and like-minded rasika devotees:


bhakta pada-dhūli āra bhakta pada-jala; bhakta bhukta avaśeṣa – tina mahābala
ei tina sevā hoite kṛṣṇa premā hoy; punaḥ punaḥ sarva śāstre phukāriyā koy
tāte bāra bāra kohi śuno bhakta-gaṇa; viśvāsa koriyā koro e tina sevana

“The devotees’ foot-dust, foot-water and food-remnants – these three are very powerful. All the scriptures repeatedly proclaim that by serving these three one attains love for Krishna. Therefore, O devotees! I tell you again and again: serve these three with full faith!”

Although Shri Raghunath is himself one of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s eternal associates he assumes sādhakāveśa to show his topmost love for the devotees who worship both Radha and Krishna by vowing always to blissfully drink their foot-water and sprinkle his head with it. In this way he encourages all the Gaudiya aspirants always to serve the foot-water of the Yugalopāsakas (Radha-Krishna worshipers) with great devotion, as the greatest means of attaining love for the lotus feet of the Divine Couple.

jaya jaya rādhā nāma, ki amṛta rasa-dhāma,
pade pade prema taraṅgiṇī
śravaṇete prema rase, bāla vṛddha yuvā bhāse,
japite japite ratna-khani

“All glories to the holy name of Shri Radha, the abode of all nectarean flavours, that is a river of love at every step! When they hear or repeat this jewel-mine, all the children, old folks and youngsters float in the nectarean flavours of Prema!”


rādhā saṅge śrī govinda, vraja nava yuva dvandva,
yei jana prema sevā kore
ohe tārkika boli śuno,nitya tāra śrī caraṇa,
bhakti bhare prakṣālaṇa kore

“O Logicians! Listen, I’ll tell you something: I always devotedly wash the lotus feet of anyone who lovingly serves Shri Govinda along with Shri Radha, as the adolescent pair of Vraja.”


pādodaka pada-dhūli,tāhe mora snāna keli,
dhūli kori mastaka bhūṣaṇa
padajala kori pāna, śirete kori dhāraṇa,
yāte hoy vāñchita pūraṇa

“I playfully bathe in their foot-water and foot-dust, and I decorate my head with these items. By drinking this foot-water and keeping it on my head all my desires will be fulfilled.”

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