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Video - Prayashchitto means atonement for some paap (sin)

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Katha by Guruji Shri Pran Krishna Das Babaji today (on Vijaya Ekadashi, 2nd March 2019)

Sarva Maha Prayashchitto. What does it mean? Prayashchitto means atonement for some paap (sin). Here we are talking about the atonement for maha maha paap. Even atonement for that is possible through Hari Naam! Hari Naam helps you atone for the greatest possible sins - including the atonement for gohatya (killing a cow) and brahmahatya (killing a brahmana).

Guruji sings a couplet: "Maha maha prayashchitto je Prabhur Naam, Sei Prabhu nache dekhe joto Bhagyavan." Meaning, the Lord whose Naam can help us do the greatest prayashchitto, that same Lord is Himself dancing. The fortunate souls are able to see Him dance. But we are unfortunate. We could not see Mahaprabhu's dance, nor could we obtain darshan of Mahaprabhu.

In the above mood (of being unfortunate, being unable to see Mahaprabhu) Guruji sings another Bengali couplet and explains its meaning: when Gaur and Nityananda appeared in Nadia, at that time I did not take my birth, Narottam Das Thakur laments. I have now taken birth but what is the use of my body now? It is like a dead weight that I am carrying around.

Guruji further adds: Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is called the Father of Hari Naam- namely, the Hare Krishna MahaMantra. But who originally spoke this MahaMantra? Radha Rani spoke it in the ecstasy of separation from Krishna. She said, ‘Oh Krishna, where have You gone? Without You I am unable to stay in My body'. She said, ' _Krishna praptir upaay: Harinaam jap hoi_ '. That is, chanting Hari Naam is the means of obtaining Krishna. Apart from this there is no other Mantra to obtain Krishna. Later, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu distributed this Hare Krishna MahaMantra in the material world. (Guruji starts singing Hare Krishna kirtan)

Translation by Sanatan Das (NCR)

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