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The Excellences of Hari XXII

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blog-0711327001417979613.jpgSo to the brahmans’ wives the boys repaired,

Their purpose, with respect, to them declared;

And in the names of Ram and Krishna made

Request that rice and dainties be conveyed

To Krishna, who was waiting in the wood,

And, with his brother, in a bower stood.

The brahmans’ wives were filled with joy to hear

Govinda’s name, ornament of the ear;

Collecting in clay pots the food required,

They hurried forth, by ardent love inspired;

With eager haste they came unto the place,

Sans all shame, and unheedful of disgrace.

There Shyama stood beneath a leafy tree,

His body slightly curved in places three;

His cloud-blue luster shone with pearly sheen,

Like burnished gold his yellow garments gleam,

A peacock’s feather on his head he wears,

Ashoka blossoms dangle o’er his ears,

He nods his head and shakes his sable curls,

And in his hand a play-lotus he twirls;

His arm upon Sridam’s shoulder did fling.

When now the brahmans’ wives the food bid bring,

Mukunda honored them with welcoming.

He urged them that their presence would be missed,

And in their husbands ritual should assist.

Therefore, reluctantly, they all repaired

And in their husband’s pious duty shared.

Free from blemish, impurity, or stain,

They, by their love alone, his grace did gain.

The brahman’s owned their sin, and did repent,

And did for their own foolish pride lament.

They praised their women folk for piety,

And found again their old simplicity,

But fearing Kamsa’s tyrannical sway,

Within their own confines were forced to stay.

Then Ram and Krishna, with their comrades dear,

Partook those rice and dainties with good cheer.

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