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Raghunath Das Goswami’s Sva Niyama Dashakam, verse 11

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Verse 11: Whoever faithfully recites this prayer, indicating vows written by some insignificant wretch will attain blissful residence in Vraja and, lovingly offering his mind to Radha and Krishna, he will be able to serve Them along with Shri Rūpa.

kṛtaṁ kenāpy etan nija-niyama-śaṁsi stavam imaṁ
paṭhed yo visrabdhaḥ priya-yugala-rūpe’rpita-manāḥ
dṛḍhaṁ goṣṭhe hṛṣṭo vasati vasatiṁ prāpya samaye
mudā rādhā-kṛṣṇau bhajati sa hi tenaiva sahitaḥ

<b>Stavāmṛta Kaṇā Vyākhyā</b>: Very humbly Shri Raghunath describes the benediction offered here to the reciters of this Sva Niyama Daśakam, which indicates his own vows in bhajana.

This prayer describes both his rigid discipline and his tender devotion, and the blend of this culminates into a holy meeting place (bhajana tīrtha) for the Gaudiya Vaishnavas, like the confluence of the Gangā and the Yamunā, serving as a perfect example.

Although Shri Raghunath Das always dwells in the kingdom of ecstatic love, he still mercifully kept all his matchless treasures of love for all the rāgānuga-practitioners. For those who desire to cross over the ocean of material existence and engage in Shri Radha Madhava’s loving service in the play-forests of Vraja in a spiritual love-body (bhāva deha), this Sva Niyama Daśakam is beneficial and like a reviving elixir.

What to speak of those who follow the examples given in this prayer, those who just faithfully recite these vows, thinking: “It is not otherwise than is described by the mahājanas in their benedictions!” will be blessed with blissful residence in Shri Vrindavan and will be able to lovingly offer their minds to the worship of the adolescent Couple Radha Madhava.

The purport is that if one lives in Vraja while cherishing other desires one will be guilty of offending the holy dhāma and the holy name, and as a result will be deprived of the loving service of Radha and Madhava’s lotus feet.

There is such an inconceivable potency in these perfect words of the Goswamis that hearing and chanting of their prayers frees the practising devotee from all desires other than Krishna and blesses them with firmness and safekeeping of the treasure of worship of the Divine Couple.

kona akiñcana jane,e saṅkalpa kori mone,
vāsa kore rādhākuṇḍa tīre.
sva niyama daśa ratna,  hṛdaye koriyā yatna
pāṭha kore parama ādare

     “If a renounced person vows within his mind, “I will live on the bank of Radha Kund” and carefully takes these ten jewel-like resolutions in his heart, reciting them with great respect…”

bhāgyavān sei jane,  sukhamaya vṛndāvane,
rādhā-pada dāsī abhimāne
premāspada kṛṣṇa pade,  cittārpana kori tāte,
bhaje nitya śrī rūpera sane

          “….that person in blissful Vrindavan is fortunate if he fixes his mind on the lotus feet of Krishna, which are the abode of love, and considers himself to be a maidservant of Shri Radha’s lotus feet, always worshiping them together with Shri Rūpa.” 

kuṇḍa tīre kuṭirete,   mora dāsa raghunāthe,
ḍubi kṛṣṇa bhajana samudre
sva niyama daśa ratna,tulilo koriyā yatna,
bheṭa dilo sādhaka jagate

          “My Dāsa Raghunath is immersed in the ocean of Krishna-bhajana in a cottage on the bank of Radha Kund, but still he carefully hands the society of practising devotees these ten jewel-like vows.”

Thus ends Shrila Raghunath Das Goswami ‘s Sva Niyama Daśakam

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