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20 ways to love Krishna

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Shri KrishnaScriptures describe twenty topmost amazing and intimate ways to express your devotion, dependence and attachment to your Priya Thakurji, i.e. beloved transcendental murti form of Bhagavan Shri Krishna. Of Shri Rupa Goswamipada’s sixty-four limbs of bhakti-sadhana, ten forms of bhakti (#23-42) directly involve Shri Thakurji and His worshipers - us!

Upon reading this description you will discover that our beautiful, sweet, charming and playful master, Shri Krishna, not only likes formal worship, but Shyama also likes the wild frantic dancing of His bhaktas.

The term Shri-Thakurji means one’s favorite and beloved murti or Deity of Shri Krishna i.e. Bankebihari, Radha-Vallabha, Radha-Shyama or Radharamana.

By citing Shrimad Bhagavatam and other Puranas, Shri Rupa Goswamipada reveals twenty different ways to please and personally interact with Radha and Krishna in their most beautiful, merciful, and accessible transcendental forms.

After listing each item, Shri Rupa mentions the benefits attained by these loving exchanges with Bhagavan Shri Krishna. Their sources from Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu are in brackets.

By engaging in these ways with Shri Thakurji, you will: conquer maya, and become free from disease, sin and rebirth (1.2.125-6, 129); attain liberation to Vaikuntha (1.2.139); and fulfil all your desires (1.2.165).

20 ways to love Krishna

  1. Accept Shri Thakurji’s Nirmalya (1.2.125) (Eating, smelling, touching and wearing Krishna’s divine food, perfumes, flower malas and celestial clothing.)
  2. Agre-Tandavam – Dance Frantically Before Shri Thakurji (1.2.128)
  3. Dandavats to Shri Thakurji (1.2.129)
  4. Stand Up to greet Shri Thakurji (1.2.130)
  5. Follow Shri Thakurji In Procession (1.2.131)
  6. Visit Shri Thakurji’s Sacred Places (1.2.132) (i.e. temple, Vrndavana, Navadvipa etc.)
  7. Parikrama (1.2.135) (Shri Thakurji’s murti or temple four times
  8. Worship Shri Thakurji “Deity Worship” (1.2.137) (bathing, dressing, feeding)
  9. ‘Paricarya Seva’ to Shri Thakurji (1.2.140) (wave camara, ring bell, blow conch)
  10. Solo singing Bhajans or Gita for Shri Thakurji (1.2.144)
  11. Sankirtana, Singing Loudly (1.2.145) (Krishna’s names, qualities, pastimes)
  12. Japa, Silently Utter Diksa Mantras (1.2.149) (before Shri Thakurji)
  13. Vijnapti, Submissive Prayers (1.2.151) (express your worthlessness, and submit your inner feelings towards Shri Thakurji while ever yearning for His personal service)
  14. Stava-Patha (1.2.157-9) (before Shri Thakurji, recite Bhagavad-gita; prayers of acaryas and mahajanas; and your spontaneous outpourings and heart’s compositions)
  15. Naivedyam-Svado, Relish Maha -Prasada (1.2.160) (honoring Shri Thakurji’s tulasi, grains, fruits etc.)
  16. Padya-Svado (Drink Shri -Thakurji’s Caranamrta (1.2.161)
  17. Dhupa-Saurabhyam (1.2.162) (smelling Shri -Thakurji’s incense, flowers, malas, perfumes)
  18. Shri-Murti-Sparsanam (1.2.165) (touching Shri Thakurji – if one is qualified)
  19. Shri-Murti-Darsanam (1.2.166) (looking at your Priya-Shri-Thakurji, and being overwhelmed by feelings of love)
  20. Aratrika-Darsanam (1.2.167) (seeing Shri Thakurji’s arati, festivals, and puja—bathing, dressing etc.)
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Chant daily with love to Shri Krishna:
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare!