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The Excellences of Hari XXIII

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blog-0974543001418078128.jpgThus while almighty Hari did abide

In Vraj, with Baladeva, he espied

The eager herdsmen gather to prepare

A holy sacrifice, with pious care.

And tho’ nothing is hidden from his view,

And as the inner self of all, he knew

Precisely what it was they planned to do.

Yet he, with meek and childish innocence,

The Thousand-eyed to rouse by some pretence,

Thus questioned Nanda, and the others round,

Who were by ties of fond affection bound,

“O father! Who is it you wish to please,

By lavish preparations, such as these?

It seems you would a grand festival hold,

Thus it behooves you, to me to unfold,

For whom, by whom, it is to be performed?

Of these details I fain would be informed.”

Then Nanda condescended to explain,

That, “Mighty Indra is the god of rain,

Who in his arm the forky lightning wields,

And irrigates the toiling farmer’s fields;

‘Tis by his grace the teeming earth supplies

Life-giving grains, we therefore sacrifice.”

Then Krishna made reply unto his sire,

Intending to provoke lord Indra’s ire,

And by his counsel, all the items there,

To worship Govardhan they did transfer;

A grand festivity they celebrate,

And round the mountain circumambulate;

They offer giant lamps and heaps of rice ,

Worshipping Govardhan with sacrifice.

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